About Ness

Ness Technologies, owned by U.S. investment company, The Rohatyn Group, is a global IT partner in the field of business processes and technology. We specialize in software products and application development, system integration, consulting, and software distribution. Our services are built on established core competencies along with outsourcing, nearshore and offshore deliveries.

Ness is a trusted IT services and solutions provider for over 500 clients, operating in 11 European countries. We are driven to create extraordinary value, efficiency, and competitive advantages for our clients through award-winning technology services. From software product development to mission-critical enterprise applications, commercial software to defense and telecommunications systems, Ness Technologies provides an unmatched combination of IT investment-return and technologically flawless implementation.

A client retention rate of over 85% provides confirmation of our credibility and reliability. Our local know-how, innovation, and global background help us to create and deliver the best possible services. We apply worldwide intellectual assets to our customers’ challenges. Work is completed on-site, nearshore, and offshore, giving customers exceptional flexibility, scope, and world-class expertise.

Ness Technologies Global expertise and excellence lie in its:

  • History – More than 20 years as the leading system integrator for Public, Financial Services, Telecom, Utilities and Manufacturing
  • Customers – Serving leading European enterprises with long-term engagements
  • Innovation Leader – Industry experts with a deep knowledge of current needs and future trends
  • Delivery – Unparalleled track record of success on projects and large transformations
  • Employees – 800+ experts with an average tenure of over seven years with the company

Head Office: Prague, Czech Republic

Ness European Offices: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania

EMEA Region Focus

We have operated in Central and Eastern Europe since 1990, and built a significant market presence in the region. We are recognized as the leading system integrator and added-value IT services and solutions provider. We’re known for our extensive experience, world-class expertise, and impressive track record.

Our strategy includes regional expansion into the other EMEA countries through intensive business development accompanied by cooperation with local IT services companies to create global and regional best practices.


Shabtai Koren




Mr. Shabtai Koren is the President of Ness Europe since 2013. With more than 25 years of experience in IT field for large and international enterprises. Prior to 2013 Shabtai was Amdocs Inc. Division President of Europe and LATAM. He holds BsC and MsC degrees in Computer Science from the “Technion– Israel institute of Technology” graduating with honour. He considers Ness employees as critical factor to the success of the business.

“Ness Technologies is a leading International System Integrator specializing on major transformation projects for Government & eGovernment, Financial Services, Utilities and Telecom. In the 20 years since it was founded, the Company has built a focused portfolio of high quality assets for our 300 enterprise customers. We are driven by the core objective to create long term value to customers while our strategy is to continue leading innovation addressing the changing business needs of the industries we serve.”

Shabtai Koren, CEO Ness Technologies


Yoel Grosz


Yoel, Ness Europe’s CFO since 2014, has been with Ness for 10 years holding various positions in the Finance and Business Operations within the group. He joined Ness from Ernst&Young, specialized in multi-national IT companies. He is a CPA in Israel, holds Bachler degree in Economy and Accounting with honor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and MBA with majors in Finance and IT from Tel Aviv University.

Kult bw

Martin Kult

VP Sales

Martin, Ness Europe VP Sales since 2013, and has been with Ness for 11 years, holding various positions in sales and business development. Martin graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague, and holds MBA from Cambridge School of Business.


Szabolcs Homola

Country Manager, Hungary

Szabolcs is Hungary’s country manager since 2007. He has more than 22 years of experience in the Hungarian IT market, successfully establishing FMC Tanácsadó és Informatikai, which later was acquired by Ness. Szabolcs holds a BsC from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


Lubomir Hrasko

Country Manager, Slovakia

Lubomir is Ness Slovakia Country Manager from 2016. Prior to this, he has been with Ness for 4 years as a program director of eHealth in Slovakia. Lubomir has 23 years of experience in the IT industry mainly focusing on telecommunication industry at Amdocs and later on financial industry at RB and ERSTE group. He holds Bachler degree in IT and Master degree in SW engineering from the Slovakian Technical University.


Karol Kubeczka

VP/Head of Sector

Karol, Utilities and Manufacturing Head of Sector since 2010, has been with Ness for 18 years, fulfilling various positions from project manager to VP with successful experience at Utilities and Manufacturing industry. He graduated from the Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in the field of computer graphics and holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Ostrava.


Martin Silvicka

VP/Head of Sector

Martin, Public and Communication Head of Sector since 2015, has been with Ness for 12 years, fulfilling various positions from project manager to VP with successful experience in the Telecom industry. He started his career in Logos technological company, moving to Ness with its acquisition. Martin holds Ing. degree from Czech Agriculture University Prague.


Jaromir Bartak

VP/Head of Sector

Jaromir is Financial Services Head of Sector since 2016. Previously he successfully fulfilled various positions in the financial services and public and communication fields within Ness.

  • Projects: More than 600 projects realized in 2015
  • Amount of employees: More than 800
  • Employees Average Time with NESS: 7.2 Years
  • Market: more than 20 years on the market
  • Amount of customers: over 500
  • Multi-years customer engagement: over 300

Ness Mission

Delivery of outstanding business solutions through innovation and excellence

Ness Values

  1. Integrity – Reliability, transparency and honesty
  2. Sustainable Value Creation – Creating value for customers on a long-term basis
  3. Customer centricity – Customers are at first priority and at the center of our operations
  4. Excellence – High quality in deliverables, operations and management
  5. Power of Team – Our team shares definition of success with clear roles and responsibilities. It has greater success track record

Ness maintains partnerships with the leading enterprise software providers across virtually all business functions to ensure we deliver the right solution for you.

Partners of the Company

SAP Services Ness Technologies

ISO 27001:2013

Analysis, design, development, implementation, testing and enhancement of large information systems including system integration of information systems, which covers software license and hardware supplies, and long-term support including system outsourcing in the area of information and communication technologies. Statement of Applicability dated 1.12.2014

ISO 20000-1:2011

IT Service Management in the field of large Information Systems and Communication Technologies, Including Outsourcing in this area.

ISO 9001:2008

Analysis, Development, Implementation, Testing and Enhancement of Large Information Systems Including System Integration of Information Systems, which covers Software License and Hardware Supplies, and long-term support Including System Outsourcing in the area of Information and Communication Technologies.

ISO 14001:2004

Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Testing and Development of large information systems Including system integration of Information systems, which includes the provision of Software license and Hardware supplies, Including long-term support system outsourcing in Information and Communication Technologies.

ISO 10006:2003

Analysis, design, development, implementation, testing and enhancement of large information systems including system integration of information systems, which covers software license and hardware supplies, and long-term support including system outsourcing in the area of information and communication technologies.