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A passion for quality, focus on results and customer needs, personal responsibility, teamwork and innovative approach of our people made us one of the leading IT companies in the Europe.

Buy Diazepam From Uk

Career in Ness Technologies

Our customers know that we are a reliable partner, which can be very flexible and which embraces a local, tailor-made approach. Besides coming up with advanced technical solutions in IT, we can also assist our customers with their long-term business. Customer orientation is reflected in our internal vertical corporate structure, in which the teams match the sectors and needs of our clients. We have a global background, but the corporate strategy is managed locally. We are a reliable and creative partner for small, medium as well as large projects.

Our technology solutions build not only on a shared, unique know-how in Europe and around the world, but especially on our people who, by their enthusiasm, energy and creativity, generate the maximum value added for the customers. We are actively interested in our community and embrace corporate responsibility. In addition to charitable activities and active cooperation with our partner children’s home, we are committed to an environmentally responsible approach.

What we offer

The success of the company depends on the skills and attitudes of its people. That’s why we put great emphasis on the professional development of our employees. It is systematically managed by senior managers with the support of HR. When you join Ness, you will be surrounded by a diverse range of the finest and best people.

You can learn many new things and will be duly rewarded for your work. You can also obtain many certifications and attend various conferences and trainings developing your hard as well as soft skills. English lessons are an indispensable benefit. In cooperation with our strategic partners, we also offer various benefits in the area of education. Team members support each other, team leaders stand up for their people, encourage them and foster their development and growth.

Example of benefits:

  • in addition to the statutory holiday, our employees can enjoy five extra days as well as additional sick leave days;
  • variable salary components + meal allowances;
  • partner benefits in the areas of health, finance, sports and family;
  • mobile phone also for private use subject to a limit;
  • for selected positions: company car (for private use as well);

…and much more