GDPR – From the Specter to the Magic Box

Currently, GDPR haunts everyone like a specter. But it’s also a great opportunity to perform the necessary inventory of data in order to streamline your business. In simple terms, imagine your company as a house. IT systems perform the function of storages, such as cupboards, drawers or a cellar. Personal data represent all the things you’ve collected over the years. With some data, you don’t even know where they come from and what they are used for. As a general rule, you can never find the data you need the most. Suddenly, a specter is raised in the form of the EU GDPR and requires that you have an overview of your business. Where exactly you store the data, who they belong to, from whom, when and how you got it, how are they used and how you will handle them in the future. How to grapple with this and combine the necessary with the useful?

One possibility is leaving everything as it is and hope no one notices that you are a bit messy. If necessary, you can rummage through the drawers and with a stroke of luck you might find what you’re looking for.  However, with this approach you risk considerable problems and high fines associated with them. The other way is a thorough inventory of all of your things. Get rid of the unnecessary and document the remaining in detail within all storages. This solution reacts to the key GDPR requirements laid down by the EU. However, this is associated with considerable costs and the question remains to what extent this investment will help in terms of flexibility, long-term sustainability, and how much it will support your business activities. The best solution may be a third option, which also builds on a thorough inventory and getting rid of unnecessary things. In addition, it includes the acquisition of a magic box, which is linked to all of the storages. So that you can find a current overview of all the things in drawers, including additional information, any time you need. For your business this means not only complying with the EU requirements, but also getting a complete view of customer data from all your systems, which you can use for your business activities. In Ness Technologies, we provide this third option aimed at the effective implementation of the GDPR regulation by using a central application. And we will be happy to guide your company from the specter phase to an efficient work with personal data. More at Order Valium Online Canada

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Michal Bulánek
Business Development Manager, Ness Technologies
Creator of the NESS GDPR Governor tool