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Ness’ Finance and Accounting competence offers prominent support at the field of SAP finance (FI, NewGL, Simple Finance, Central Finance), controlling (CO, CO-PA, CO-PC, PS/IM, BPC) and treasury (TR). We are at service for our customers with our widespread industry specific experiences and financial supply chain solutions (FSCM) in order to upgrade current SAP systems, deploying solutions for HANA and S/4 upgrades, implementations. Connected to the areas above we are working on system-independent conception designs and optimization of business processes as well.

Beside of the standard SAP solutions, which includes also implementing new EhP or FP functions, we utilize all the opportunities of SAP through delivering client-specific solutions and developments.

For the time being it is challenging the companies to provide authentic accounting and controlling reports in time and with reliable data. This process is supported by our experienced BPR consultant team as well and by consultants with significant SAP knowledge. We have been proven at the field of accelerating the closing cycle, through providing multi-dimensional (segment, profit center) and accounting-based (IFRS, HGB etc.) reports supported by utilizing IFRS related SAP solutions. We can support the implementation of reconciliation systems between the partner companies and by providing SAP based consolidation systems.

Apart from the standard solutions we are partners in delivering client-specific solutions, for example developing complete tax-solutions, managing revaluation of receivables and its tax-effects, making SAP system SEPA capable, building and developing bank relations.

At the field of HR we are at our clients’ disposal with benchmarking, time-recording, payroll calculation and various portal solutions including Success Factors.

SAP Logistics

Our SAP logistics competence team provides guide and support for the clients on the basis of SAP logistic modules and its co-fields.

Main fields are the following:

  • Inbound logistics, which includes purchasing part of Buy-To-Scrap (B2S) and Procure-To-Pay (P2P) or even Source-To-Pay (S2P) end to end processes that can be served via SAP core module MM Purchasing (MM-PUR) or external application like Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) or Ariba.
    Keywords: operative and strategic procurement, spend management, vendor management, contract management, catalogue management.
  • Internal logistics, which includes inventory related processes that can be served via SAP core module MM Inventory Management (MM-IM), MM Material Requirements Planning (MM-MRP) and Warehouse Management (WM) or new generation application Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) for high-rack storages. Internal logistics stream also contains solutions for repetitive and discrete manufacturing via SAP core modules Production Planning, Production Execution and Process Industry (PP, PP-PE, PP-PI), solutions for maintenance and operation related processes via SAP core module Plant Maintenance (PM) and solutions for quality related process via SAP core module Quality Management (QM).
    Keywords: stock management, mobile data entry, labelling, maintenance and operation, manufacturing, quality management.
  • Outbound logistics, which includes sales part of Order-To-Cash (O2C) end to end process that can be served via SAP core modules Sales and Distribution (SD) and Logistics Execution (LE) or even external application like Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
    Keywords: sales, delivery, transportation, billing, customer management.

Our main logistical remarkable references include delivered project in the financial sector, at operation companies, at telco companies and also in the industry-specific manufacturing (oil&gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive).

Our youngish team offers assessment, system independently conceptual design and process optimization (including necessary BPR activities), beside SAP implementation and upgrade support for our clients.  We are open to such innovative fields like process simplification with mobile devices, cost-oriented transportation planning or new generation solutions like SAP S/4 HANA and Fiori applications for various areas.

Beside the standard SAP solutions, we are concerned with delivering and developing client-specific solutions, so that we can help to utilize all the SAP opportunities.


Our BW competence deals with the implementation, development and consulting of SAP BW and of it’s attached applications (Business Objects, Lumira, Tableau).

Besides the standard solutions and their customization, we have significant references in developing completely unique application the field of reports, planning and consolidation.

In addition to business solutions, we have relevant experiences implementing technical projects.

SAP Development & basis

Our experienced experts in this competence, are responsible for the technical and programming implementation within the projects. This task includes SAP connected ABAP developments and the SAP basis activities.

In the field of ABAP and the basis we are continually following the evolution processes, and also we share the experiences during the inside trainings, so that we are capable to adopt the newest technological developments to our clients.

System-based mentality features our work during implementing developments, so we can point out the use of such long term, up-to-date methods, that are our clients are able to operate with by resorting minimal support.

Main competences in banking sector

Main goal of Ness Hungary’s Banking Systems Competence Center is to keep on a high level and further enhance all core and other banking system related knowledge and experience.

The Core Banking Competence Center consist of following knowledge areas:

  • Core Banking and Front-End Systems: focuses on Core Banking Systems such as Flexcube, Equation, etc., Front-End Systems and E-channels, including all functionalities, banking products and processes.
  • IT Development and System Integration: offers development services (in Java, .Net) and also covers full development cycle from IT strategy formulation, integration and testing.
  • Business Intelligence: provides full range of solutions harvesting the data asset of a bank, with end-to-end delivery of Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Regulatory Reporting, MIS and CRM systems.
  • Business consulting and Project Management: provides end-to-end consulting services from strategy concept formulation to implementation and project management.

Ness has a unique core banking experience on the Hungarian market. We can proudly confirm that based on our core banking competence we might support and speed up any core banking and front-end system implementation in Hungary or in any country of the Central European region. We primarily work with core banking systems Equation, Flexcube, Symbols and T24.

Next to our well trained professional team Ness Hungary has its proven methodology for data migration and GAP analysis. Our methodologies make us to deliver our projects in a smooth way.

Ness Hungary’s Core Banking Competence Center can cover engagements in the whole lifecycle of banking systems. We typically work on following engagements/tasks.


  • Vision and strategy definition
  • Create implementation roadmap
  • Project planning
  • Create system implementation concept

GAP Analysis for Banking Systems

  • Business requirement definition
  • High level GAP analysis (map system functions vs. business requirements)
  • Create tender documentation, vendor selection
  • Create feasibility study

Product and Process Management

  • Preparation of product and process catalogues
  • Product and process simplification
  • BPR, automation


  • Management of complex system implementation projects
  • Detailed GAP analysis
  • System localization, unit testing
  • Parameter set up
  • Functional testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Performance testing
  • Data migration
  • Roll out
  • Training

Maintenance, support

  • Project quality assurance
  • SCRUM, LEAN, AGILE methodology support
  • Post go-live system support