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Oveview of the Products and Solutions in the following Industries:

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Flexibility is essential when reacting to dynamic changes in the utilities landscape. Thanks to a number of successfully implemented projects, our specialists have developed an in-depth knowledge of the industry and its needs under changing market conditions.

Utilities around the world face new challenges today, ranging from globalization to local customer relationship management. Ness Technologies provides technology and business support services to utility companies in Central and Eastern Europe including:

  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • SMART Grid & energy optimization
  • Deployment of ERP Systems such as SAP and Oracle that streamline business management
  • Nuclear Decommissioning and Dismantling
  • Billing & Care
  • Dispatch control systems
  • Comprehensive support and automation of distribution processes and energy trade
  • Standardization of corporate processes and document circulation
  • Unified billing and CRM procedures
  • Improved reporting, business intelligence and data analysis
  • Reduced risk, errors, time and manpower in data transfers

Together, these solutions drive increased operating efficiency and improve company value.

Klonopin For Sale

Ness Technologies offers a complete portfolio of services that help utilities to increase productivity, reduce costs, react to the changing business environment and support their continual growth. The largest producers and distributors of electricity, gas, heat and water have been using our services on a long-term basis in the Czech Republic and abroad in places like Slovakia and Romania.

Our company is not dependent on technology from a single vendor; we select the most appropriate solutions from a variety of choices based on thorough analysis of our customers’ needs. We have developed long-term collaboration with leading global suppliers of information technology and we are constantly expanding that portfolio.

Solutions and Services Focus:

  • Creating maintenance and business optimization platforms
  • Delivering more information to overviews (BI) of business analytics
  • Managing the overall relationship between the company and the client
  • Simplification of billing
  • Lowering risks of energy trading
  • Deploying sophisticated technological solutions
  • Energy production optimization

Examples of our solutions and services: 

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERP), including SAP and Oracle platforms
  • Customer Care and Billing Solutions (CIS, CRM)
  • Energy Trading Solutions (TRM)
  • Resource Management Services (Asset Management)
  • Maintenance and technology management solutions, such as technical information systems, enterprise asset management (EAM), HR and GIS.
  • Planning, optimization and maintaining balance in energy production
  • Support services, including business information and tailored solution development

Why Ness?

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Leading system integrator of utilities in the CEE region
  • Technological independence, a variety of platforms for core processes
  • Innovative solutions and timely reactions to market transformation


Ness provides a wide range of products, solutions and services for manufacturing companies that enable you to streamline and optimize processes while improving quality of service.

???????Companies engaged in production, distribution and sale of products face strong pressure to keep low costs while maintaining profitability with minimum margins.

Ness products, solutions and services are designed to maximize the efficiency of the entire production and distribution chain. Our solutions reduce the need for investments and operating costs while simultaneously increasing information availability, user comfort and productivity.

Our approach to manufacturing

  • We share knowledge and best practices across verticals to create innovative solutions
  • As an independent software and hardware integrator, we work with various technology leaders – therefore we always offer an optimal solution to our customers to fit their requirements as well as the current situation, environment and technological trends
  • We have expertise in products, solutions and services for both strategic and operational management
  • We offer a comprehensive portfolio of servicescovering IT support of all main business and manufacturing processes

Examples of our solutions

  • Enterprise resource management and planning systems (SAP ERP and Oracle eBS)
  • Real-time production control systems (MES – Manufactory Executive System)
  • Advanced planning systems (APS)
  • Management information systems (BI – Business Inteligence)
  • Production flows monitoring through barcode systems
  • Customer portals – product configurator
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Customer Information Systems (CIS)
  • E-mail platforms in the cloud (Google Apps & Office 365)
  • Management of document circulation and document managing systems (Sharepoint, Documentum, etc.)

Our references

We have been active in the European market, specifically in Central and Eastern Europe, since 1990. We have extensive knowledge in the area of manufacturing and we are agile in reacting to dynamic changes. Our long-term clientele rages from big manufacturing companies like Vítkovice to medium and small-sized companies outside the Czech Republic.

Ness Technologies provides targeted expertise, solutions and strategic and operational management services to major financial institutions.

???All products, solutions and services are tailored to meet specific client requirements. Our expertise is based on years of experience in strategic consulting, IT support and the combination of knowledge in key business processes and the latest technology.

Local Expertise, Global Delivery Model

In addition to global knowledge sharing, Ness Technologies can deploy expert on-site teams from its best-shore, cost-effective development labs and sourcing pools to further optimize delivery quality and costs as required.

End-to-end Solutions with Responsibility

Ness Technologies comprehensive portfolio of services (IT strategy and consultancy through implementation, integration, support and outsourcing) covers IT support of all major business processes and defines Ness Technologies as a strategic IT partner with complete responsibility.

Focus on Innovation and Partnership

Keeping in mind the ideal utilization of the existing IT investment, Ness Technologies aims to provide state-of-the-art technologies in partnership with over 100 technological partners, including global leaders such as SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

Our customers


  • Budapest Bank Nyrt.
  • Czech National Bank
  • ?eská spo?itelna, a.s.
  • ?eskoslovenská obchodní banka, a.s.
  • GE Money Bank, a.s.
  • ING Bank N.V.
  • KBC Global Services N.V.
  • Komer?ní banka, a.s.
  • Raiffeisenbank a.s.
  • Waldviertler Sparkasse Bank A?G
  • Slovenska Sporitelna
  • National Bank of Slovak Republic

Insurance companies

  • AEGON Pojiš?ovna, a.s.
  • Amcico pojiš?ovna a.s.
  • Generali Pojiš?ovna a.s.
  • AMSLICO AIG Life pois?ov?a a.s.
  • ?eská pojiš?ovna a.s.
  • Komer?ní pojiš?ovna, a.s.
  • Pojiš?ovna ?eské spo?itelny, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group

What we offer:

  • Core banking transformation
  • Centralized Pricing
  • BI, DWH and Customer Insight
  • IT Outsourcing and Near-shoring
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Regulatory Reporting

Ness Technologies provides services to the largest telecommunications and mobile operators across Europe.

?Competition and technology have made telecommunication industry a highly competitive environment. Companies are therefore faced with constant mergers, deregulation and customer instability.

The keys to success are obvious to all operators:

  • Cost Management
  • Increased Revenue
  • Rapid technological development and delivery of new services

Ness Technologies has the experience and professional know-how required to allow telecommunications to maximize their investments and succeed in both new and established markets. Ness Technologies thus can help to reduce operating costs and increase revenue through reliable telecommunication portals and systems including:

  • Business Support Solutions, such as Customer Portals (eCommerce), Contact Centers, CRM Technologies and Business Intelligence Systems
  • Operations Support Services (OSS/BSS systems), including the provision of integration services, network management and number portability
  • Billing and Charging – complex solution for  maintenance of the billing and charging operations
  • ERP systems for telecommunications companies
  • Revenue Generating Services, such as Advanced MMS/SMS, Location-Based Services and Unified Messaging
  • Back Office Support Systems, including ERP, DMS, Purchase Management Systems
  • Outsourcing and Testing Services, including Stress Testing, Quality Assurance and Service Level Management

Why Ness?

Ness Technologies operates as a strategic partner, bearing the overall responsibility for operations. We develop and integrate telecommunication solutions for commercial and strategic applications.

  • More than fifteen years experience
  • 140 implemented project in the last five years
  • Projects with the four largest operators in Europe – Telefónica, T-Mobile, Vodafone, GTS
  • Over 100 professional consultants for this industry
  • Average customer relationship of eight years
  • Over 40 currently implemented projects in telecommunications

Ness Technologies has accumulated in-depth knowledge of the public sector through projects both in the Czech Republic and across the European region. Our experience is comprehensive, from helping authorities to manage basic registries and timetables to overseeing system integration and efficient utilization of cloud solutions. We have a dedicated team of specialists who are familiar with public administration standards and environment. We offer more than twenty years of experience as well as solutions that have proven successful in other countries, including projects with EU funding.

Our solutions:

  • eGovernment – National registers (RUIAN, ROS)
  • eGovernment – eHealth – National electronic health solutions
  • Complex Information Systems
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cloud solutions – publishing subsystem
  • Systems for Data Collection, Reporting and Working with Metadata
  • Healthcare Information Systems, including mobile solutions and telemonitoring services in the area of assistive technologies
  • Document Management Systems & Digitization
  • Internet and Intranet Portal Solutions
  • Information Security
  • Purchasing Systems

Specialized centers of excellence

Basic registries

We offer knowledge and expertise in basic registries gained through projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the fields of land registry and statistics.

  • analysis, development, implementationand long-term improvement of complex information systems for the departments of land registry, including DMS
  • information systems containing data layers of superstructures over the data of land registry (both government and commercial subjects)

We deal with the needs of institutions that provide and coordinate statistics at the national, European or global level on a long-term basis (EUROSTAT, ECB, WHO, etc.) as well as organizations in charge of regulating and supervising a certain group of subjects (e.g. Czech Statistical Office, Czech National Bank).


Within its Outsourcing Center of Excellence, Ness Technologies offers proven methods for all phases of the project and delivery, strong project management, and mechanisms for quality management. For public institutions, Ness Technologies offers services for the management of their comprehensive ICT environment in order to increase speed and quality of IT services. It provides continuous monitoring of systems and applications for economic and administrative agendas. It performs proactive protection of systems and continuous adjustments according to current legislation.

Digitization and document workflow management

Ness Technologies solutions cover a range of activities associated with documents – from their creation and generation to their digitization and archival – as well as processes associated with their circulation and processing. Ness Technologies has been active in this industry for over a decade, and in the meantime, the company has developed its own methodology, taking into account international standards and methods.