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Digital Commerce area is very broad term and different companies and associations define it in different ways. From NESS perspective Digital Commerce covers all areas and business processes connected to online presentation of any company, sales processes, customer care and customer experience in all forms and on all channels. This area of business (and IT services as well) is gaining in importance every day because of the unstoppable global trend of Digital transformation programs where is currently digital commerce the most important player.

NESS provides  a broad portfolio of solutions and services in Digital Commerce domain including especially:

  • eShops and digital commerce solutions
  • Selfcare applications and client zones
  • Web presentations, portals, corporate sites and intranets
  • CRM and customer care applications
  • Marketing and campaign management tools
  • NESS OneCare solution

Especially NESS OneCare solution deserves a special attention in this area. OneCare is a consolidated application framework for all the customer interactions, optimized for omnichannel customer experience in both on-line and off -line environments. The omnichannel approach is based on the consolidated functioning of all customer-facing channels, encompassing not only products, processes and customer experience, but also technology stack – respective IT systems and technologies. OneCare implementation is not just a technological project. It is a part of a business process transformation towards a truly “on-line centric” company.

ecommerce Ness Technologies - IT Services Provider

Implementation of new digital commerce solution or only upgrade and refreshment of the current system brings many benefits for both the business and technology.

  • Significant cost savings through streamlined business operations: reduced cost of processing orders, lower prices of goods and inventory, increased efficiency in sales and marketing
  • Increased revenue from penetrating new customer segments and market opportunities
  • Higher customer satisfaction with multi-channel comfort
  • Accurate and efficient presentation of complex or specialized products
  • Reducing administrative burdens (customer self-service) and easier data exchange
  • Consolidation and simplification of processes and product portfolio across channels using one application framework and one user interface.
  • Change management simplification, shorter time-to-market for any new product or functionality.
  • Single Customer View for all systems and all internal users.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface enables shorter training times while generating fewer support requests.
  • 20% reduction in Customer Service OPEX by eliminating duplication of variouspoints-of-contact agent work
  • 10% reduction in annualized churn and increased customer satisfaction
  • 30% savings in IT OPEX from back-office streamlining and automation
  • Unified business logic and intuitive IT architecture.

Klonopin Yellow

Ness Technologies experts successfully launched a new eCommerce solution for O2 Slovakia – a complete portfolio of applications for sales and service processes and for the customer relationship management. The innovative solution will serve the customers in the e-shop, within their Internet self-service, and the applications will also function as the main work tool for employees in operator’s branches, call-centers and for O2 business representatives.

The purpose of this innovation is to replace several existing systems by one powerful and fl exible one, with single product catalog, all customer data in one place and single platform for business and customer care. The goal is also to signifi cantly enhance the role of self-service channels. (The surveys show that 80% of customer calls to the call-center could be easily dealt with in the self-service zone).

New technologies will allow the Slovak mobile operator to increase the comfort of service and customer satisfaction, save time for the call-center staff and streamline staff training by up to 50%. It will also enable to make necessary changes in the system much easier in the future.

In the next phase we will extend the delivered solution with new CRM and care processes. The solution is technologically built on the Liferay Portal and Broadleaf Commerce platforms.

The introduced innovations refl ect the current trends of telecommunications companies – simplifying the infrastructure and product and services portfolio, single access via all service channels and use of cost-eff ective technologies.

eShop for T-Mobile Czech Republic

Ness Technologies implemented a solution of online sales of mobile services and devices for the mobile operator T-Mobile Czech Republic. It is realized via a web channel, through the information line operators and also indirectly through external sales partners.

The mobile operator gained a modern online sales system which helps its customers to understand the T-Mobile service and product offering easily and order products and services from the comfort of their home or office.

In addition to the new eShop (Broadleaf Commerce and Liferay Portal technologies) the operator gained also the eCommerce solution (Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform) for the service of shops and business partners.

The operator‘s staff can respond to current sales and presentation needs within business administration immediately and create personalized off erings for selected customer groups etc.

eShop for the virtual operator Kaktus

Ness Technologies delivered a new eShop application for the virtual operator Kaktus, which allows the customers to buy mobile phones and SIM cards via the Internet.

T-Mobile required to develop the cost-eff ective solution from scratch in a short time for a completely new brand, with a slightly diff erent assortment, which was supposed to address a diff erent customer group. Part of the task was to prepare a system for future development and administration by the operator‘s own means.

The solution is built on the Broadleaf Commerce and Liferay Portal platforms.

My O2 Internet Self-Service

Ness Technologies developed and delivered the eCommerce portal and My O2 Internet Self-Service to O2 Czech Republic a.s. The main benefits of the system based on Oracle ATG eCommerce included cost savings for the operator while improving the quality of customer care.

The customers are able to maintain their customer account more easily, get information on the use of services faster and also activate them immediately without the need to call the customer service or visiting the O2 store.

My O2 Self-Service delivered significant cost savings in customer care and at the same time it became an effective communications channel for personalized marketing.

eCommerce Portal for ING Insurance Company (NN Group)

We have delivered the Service portal solution to ING Pojiš?ovna eCommerce, which provides the clients with easy and fast online management of their contracts from the comfort of their home. One of the requirements included the possibility for the customers to create their own product online according to the offered options.

Moreover, the customer can view the purchased products and their history (transactions, payments…), change service parameters and contact information or negotiate a new pension product and tax optimum.

The project was unique in the combination of a complete delivery of the portal solution on the Liferay Portal platform with the provision of Web Content Management. One application serving clients from two countries (Czech Republic and Slovakia) with different products is also an unusual situation.

A survey conducted by the ING Insurance Company confirmed a measurable improvement of the customer satisfaction, higher quality of customer care and optimization of customer center’s operating costs.

Internet Portal and eConfigurator for Škoda Auto

Our experts have created a modern Internet portal for Škoda Auto, which became the basis for the worldwide Internet presentation of the Czech largest company.

Part of the Škoda Auto web portal is also a unique configurator which enables everyone to „put together“ your future car, motorization, color of the paint and its accessories from the comfort of your home.

The eConfigurator monitors how many cars matching the criteria are currently in stock at any Škoda dealer across the Czech Republic. The eConfigurator will offer the potential customer also a leasing calculator of ŠkoFin with the terms of financing of the selected car.

Other Selected References

?eská pojiš?ovna a.s.

  • eClient zone

Dopravní podnik hlavního m?sta Prahy, a.s. (Prague Public Transport Company, a.s.)

  • eshop for the purchase of time tickets

NESS offers end-to-end services to help our customers in whole Digital commerce area

  • Business consultancy
  • Technological consultancy and design of technical solution
  • End-to-end project delivery
    • Project management
    • Analysis
    • Architecture and system integration
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Data migration
    • Long-term support and maintenance
    • Trainings

One tool for customer interactions in omnichannel world

Communicate consistently across all channels

Tailor your product to your customer, not your legacy IT

Profit from online-driven simplicity in offline world

We are all shaped by on-line world we live in. Mobile phones are becoming gateways to everything. Our lives change. Our brains adapt. Your customers’ behavior adapt. We will adapt your sales, care and CRM. Your interface to your customers. One care is not a system implementation. OneCare is a business redesign.


Homogenous user interface across all channels. For your customer and your staff. Web, e-shop and self-care – clear, responsive and mobile friendly. All channels use the same system, one interface, one CRM and one customer identity. Shorter time to market thanks to simplicity and functional backend interface. Simple processes. Shorter training time. More substitutability. Up to 80% care transactions transferred to on-line channels.

Ness OneCare elements

  • CRM including order management, billing, customer value management
  • Product catalogue, product lifecycle management
  • Intranet, DMS
  • Backend systems interface (ERP, billing, provisioning,…)

Managed in one system, with one face. With streamlined and consistent user experience, mobile friendly, efficient and scalable. Your customer can start transaction in one channel and finalize via another. His identity and data will follow him.

If you are considering a project in digital commerce area NESS definitely is the right partner to help you.

  • NESS has deep know-how and real experience in many successful projects in digital commerce area by many companies.
  • NESS is technological independent. Our experts are always able to find the best technological solution to solve your issues in your business and IT environment. NESS is eminent partner of most of the biggest software manufacturers such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft and can deliver and integrate their well-known robust products into any IT environment. On the other hand NESS regularly researches the current trends in open source technologies, integrates it together and to deliver them to our customers.
  • NESS has proven project management approach with real experience in both agile and classical delivery methodologies so we are able to find and implement the best project methodology for our customers to deliver the best solution with low risk and high quality and business value.
  • NESS consultants understand both technologies and business of our customers so we are able to transform all individual business needs into the right technology solution.

Documents to download

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eCommerce among companies

One Care Detail

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Case Studies

O2 eCommerce

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