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Testing is an integral component of each application development lifecycle and a larger technological solution.

Automated testing is one of modern ways to reduce the cost of software testing while improving the quality, and a suitable tool for reusing of a large number of tests or tests with large amounts of generated data. Based on the know-how and our experience we are able to objectively assess, clients‘ needs for and provide them with recommendation on using this testing method.

We have been building a competence center for testing for nearly 20 years, which gives us unique experience in many areas of business for clients in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Automation process



  • Definition of strategy and approach to automated testing
  • Possible preparation of PoC and follow-up evaluation for strategy design



  • Selecting processes, tests and applications for automation



  • Implementing framework and testing tools
  • Integration to the environment
  • Setting processes and environment



  • Review test cases
  • Test analysis
  • Design and preparation of testing data
  • Scripting (preparation of tests)



  • Launch and evaluation
  • Regular maintenance of scripts
  • Monitoring
  • Early detection of errors
  • Better testing accuracy (consistent testing)
  • Faster test execution
  • Larger scope of testing (opportunity to include more combinations)
  • Testing outside of usual working hours
  • Decrease in manual testing costs

We cover the entire process of automated tests

We offer comprehensive solutions of implementing and developing automated testing which include:

  • Consultation and analysis
    • Setting test strategy for automated testing
    • Selection of suitable areas
    • Test analysis
  • Preparation and adjustment of integrated environment and processes
    • Recommending suitable technologies
    • Possibility to integrate with existing CI&CD tools (Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery)
    • Setting the environment for automation
  • Preparation and implementation of specific automated tests by using custom technological Ness accelerators (framework) we can implement automated tests fast and simply
    • Saving up to 60% effort of initial setup
    • Saving up to 30% effort of script imlementation
  • Regular maintenance of scripts
  • Monitoring of testing or production environment
  • To accelerate the implementation and configuration of automated testing, we have implemented NessTest accelerators for effective repeatable test runs
  • Custom accelerators (framework) for automated tests – faster, easier and more efficient testing implementation
  • Knowledge of the business, systems and environment – telecommunications, public administration, finance, energy and production
  • Extensive experience with software testing – test competence
  • Competence in the area of design, development, and architecture – assessment and recommendation of adjustments in the tested systems

Czech Republic


Regression execution efforts reduced by 70%.

Possibility to execute test cases every day.

Automation of cadastre solutions.

Faster production deployment and smoke tests from 8 hrs to 3 hrs.


Automation of internal application tests within turn-key delivery.


Reduced regression execution effort from 45 days to 10 hours per release.

Achieved zero error rates. That means near-perfect compliance.

Regression testing efforts reduced by 80%.

45% annual cost reduction on software testing spend.

Faster production deployment from 6 hrs to 3 hrs.

Documents for download