Big Data and Analytics

Turn Your Data Into Ultimate Value

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Albert Einstein

Data has become omnipresent thanks to the exponential growth of emerging digital big data offering technologies and solutions. Managing this increasing volume of data is the latest challenge for many enterprises wanting to harness its business value. Big data is more than an aspect of size; it has opened a world of opportunities to find valuable new insights from a myriad of data sources generating multiple types of data at varying speeds.

Data-driven predictability will become a new competitive advantage, where predictability becomes the driver for costs and revenue.

Ness Technologies has valuable experience with big data services, largely in the areas of health, utility and telecommunications. Future customers’ expectations help us to deliver extraordinary solutions, creating value for our customers.

  • Improved targeting of social influence and marketing
  • Increased accuracy and availability of business incomes
  • Segmentation of your customer base
  • Personalization of services and products
  • Automated decisions for real-time processes
  • Quantification and management of risk
  • Improvement of managing capabilities
  • Big data platform: a tool for processing huge amounts of data in various formats.
  • Utilization of enterprise data to create useful insights
  • Extending data warehouse capabilities with big data technologies – acknowledging rising amounts of data as well as business demand for real-time analysis and insights, investing to scale the traditional data warehouse is becoming more challenging.
  • Analytics software: Storage equipped with high-level data analysis functions and data-mining packages.
  • Analytics consulting: Basic framework and design with best practices to offer solutions for each operational challenge.
  • Highly qualified team of experts
  • Experiences with big data analytics on the national and enterprise levels
  • CEE Innovation leader in the big data market
  • Broad network of partners with proven big data analytics platforms and comprehensive experiences
  • Transforming decades of knowledge from the field of utility, public, finance, manufacturing, health and telecommunication into appropriate solutions for any industry
  • Assistance in better identifying your customer needs