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“Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius-and a lot of courage-to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein

Business intelligence (BI) represents the tools and systems that have a key role in the strategic planning process within a company. These BI systems allow for the gathering, storage, access and analyzing of corporate data to aid in decision-making. These systems will generally illustrate business intelligence in the areas of customer profiling, customer support, market research, market segmentation, product profitability, statistical analysis, and inventory and distribution analysis to name a few.

With the largest team of specialists in a comprehensive Business Intelligence portfolio, Ness has already implemented tens of successful projects in this area. This is proven by our customers ‘results and our long-term cooperation with them.

Companies should focus on two main areas:

  • Building an analytical and efficiently operating environment to exploit the increasing data volumes about their customers, partners and employees.
  • Consolidating data in a significantly more flexible infrastructure focused on information that integrates and manages information faster.
  • Improved decision making through optimizing the flow of company data
  • Increased business insights and opportunity to share information
  • Real-time analysis with quick navigation and reduced risk of bottlenecks
  • Deeper knowledge and improved customer satisfaction
  • Optimization of cash flow and improved management of company profitability

“The implemented solution using Ness BI Factory enabled us to build the BI platform quickly and to meet the ESSOX needs in the field of client information. The advantages include the easy integration into current environment and the smooth mastering of the tool by our internal team.“

Tomáš Klíma, IT manager, ESSOX s.r.o.

Ness won the award for the best solution in the Data Analytics Projects and Business Intelligence category in the 17th annual Microsoft Awards 2015 competition awarded for the Implementation of Ness BI Factory project in Essoxs.r.o. There were 120 projects from the Czech Republic nominated in individual categories.

Ness Technologies has provided solutions for some of the largest banks and customers from telecommunications, public administration, utilities and manufacturing:  

  • CMT campaign management system for Komer?ní banka (SG Group)
  • Developing campaign management database for ?SOB (KBC Group)
  • Strategic partner for BI/DWH Raiffeisenbank
  • Data warehouse implementation, operation and development for Raiffeisenbank
  • Data warehouse proposal for the Czech Statistical Office
  • System supporting the activity-based pricing method in Komer?ní banka
  • Reporting platform business objects for GE Money Bank
  • Design and implementation of commission reporting for Aegon
  • Data warehouse of Home Credit International for Russian HCFB
  • Reporting – Postal Savings Bank
  • System for full support of Basel II Reporting at Raiffeisenbank
  • Anti-money laundering system for Raiffeisenbank
  • Campaign Management – a tool for campaign creation and management + setting strategy
  • Analytical CRM for customer behavior
  • Design of DWH architecture, data marts
  • Master data management + data quality
  • Overall design and strategy for performance management
  • Setting comprehensive reporting
  • Planning and financial consolidation for timely and accurate plans, budgets and forecasts
  • BI competence center and BI audit
  • Multi-dimensional segmentation
  • More than seventy trained professionals
  • Strong team of certified experts, long-term experience, familiarity with various environments and best-practices
  • Successful track records of delivered projects

Ness BI Factory will help you to face current challenges in the field of Business Intelligence. Our solution is prepared for not only the development of completely new data storage, but to comfortably supplement the existing BI world in your company. Ness BI Factory, along with CRM, provides a combination of know-how, technologies and fifteen years of BI experience to better understand customer behavior.

Main Benefits


  • By using the BI Factory you skip the lengthy devising of the concept and complicated setting BI tools.
  • The implementation of the required BI solution can begin immediately after the initiation of the project.


  • Without further licenses for the ETL/ELT tool (you get a full substitution already in the basic package).
  • You will achieve revolutionary cost savings on implementation and development of the BI solution.
  • Advanced metadata, sophisticated “OnClick” connection of the CASE tool with the database and using generic components (e.g. for historization) for simpler and cheaper development and testing of the whole solution.


  • The modularity of the Ness BI Factory allows the setting according to your specific needs.
  • You will increase the efficiency of the BI operation thanks to identification of the error conditions.

Main Features and Overview of Modules

Ness BI Factory provides complete environment for building data storages by its functionality. It is mainly a ready-to-use “out-of-the-box” solution, which can be divided into several functional units. The modularity of the solution allows licensing only those modules that are necessary for your needs.

Operation & Governance tools


Ness BI Factory provides complete environment for building data storages by its functionality. It is mainly a ready-to-use “out-of-the-box” solution, which can be divided into several functional units. The modularity of the solution allows licensing only those modules that are necessary for your needs.

ELT Infrastructure


Ness BI Factory processes data based on the ELT principle and uses maximally the power of the database server. Unlike the standard ETL approach, it is not necessary to invest into the powerful application server. The whole process of data processing including its controlling is fully managed by Ness BI Factory and the target database. The basic module in this section is ELT PowerJet supplemented with modules which provide advanced techniques for BI solution building.



One of the biggest advantages of the Ness BI Factory tool is the ability to reduce time in the implementation part of the project. The shortening can be achieved particularly thanks to tools for creating and processing analytical/controlling metadata. The work with Ness BI Factory is based on the sophisticated “OnClick” linking of CASE tool with the database. The effort connected with the development and testing of BI solution is thus effectively minimized. Ready-to-use reference models of specific BI areas are part of the section, such as contact history of the client.



Ness has developed its own methodology for each part of the project (analysis, development and testing), based on experience from earlier projects in combination with the best known practices in the field of Business Intelligence.

Methodological anchoring of elements, which extend the standard architecture of data warehouse and data and process modeling, enables rapid development including easy transfer of know-how. Everything is covered by the methodology for project management, which covers the whole process of project management and implementation including the follow-up operation of BI solution.