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“Push your business technology into the cloud and get back to focusing on your core competences”Tom Cochran

The world is changing. Teamwork has replaced the predominant of individuals working alone. The complexity of today’s reality requires a level of efficiency within this collaboration.

??The barrier separating working hours and private time has disappeared. People want to connect with corporate systems anytime and anywhere, using their own devices. In this highly competitive environment, companies are seeking new ways to streamline their activities, attract new customers and increase their revenue. Cloud computing services, which are one possible form of outsourcing, are designed to respond directly to these trends.

  • Improvement of your cost model
  • Reduction of ICT labor, support and upgrade costs
  • Increased user performance and mobility
  • Increased speed and connectivity to your business technologies

The first truly online loan approval right after application (Windows Azure technology). Customers can thus buy on hire purchase in e-shops even faster and more conveniently.

Office365 implementation for Barrandov Studio

  • Streamlining collaboration
  • Editing office documents via a web browser
  • Efficient communication via chat and video call
  • Easy search in all documents

Publishing sub-system portal for the Ministry of Regional Development CZ

  • Complete portal transfer from another company and its further development (within one month)
  • The most extensive use of Microsoft Azure in the Czech Republic and the largest Cloud project in the state administration
  • Useful added services for users

Our Services

Although the transition to cloud services is not complex, it needs to be planned and managed well, as any other change in the company’s operations. As an independent software and hardware integrator we cooperate with technological leaders and as the only partner in the Czech Republic we completely implement both of the office cloud platforms – Google Apps and Office 365. Thus we can always give our customers the optimal solution according to their needs and requirements.


  • Complete coverage of the customers’ ICT needs, from telecommunication and data services through all logic cloud layers, including the additional services of business consulting.


  • We mutually integrate the services provided at individual cloud layers so that the transition to a new environment is completely transparent for the customer (e.g. unified identity management at infrastructure and application level).

Individual approach

  • Our customers are not forced into a one-time, full-scale change of their existing ICT environment. They can control the pace of the switch to cloud services based on the lifecycle of the existing hardware and software, risk management plan, their business plan, the end users’ readiness and other factors.

Documents for download