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“The worst thing that can happen to your business is for 100% of your customers to base their relationship 100% on price”

Ness Technologies is one of the largest implementation partners of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and holds the highest number of implemented projects in the Czech Republic.

?Our experts have proven their experience and the advantages of CRM solutions repeatedly, which have led to clear and measurable benefits for our customers as well as support for their business objectives. A high-quality picture of its customer base is crucial for the success of any modern company.

Solutions Tailored to your Needs

  • Public Administration – access immediate solutions developed to suit your specific needs, saving costs and increasing transparency
  • Sales – take advantage of solutions for collaboration among interconnected sales teams
  • Retail – sell to your customers where, how and when they want to buy
  • Marketing – be innovative with automated marketing processes and efficient analysis
  • Services – manage your clients’ projects with skill and grace
  • Customer Care – equip your team with the best information and tools to exceed customer expectations
  • Manufacturing – use efficient, flexible solutions that integrate process and unit production
  • Utilities – We are a strategic partner with the knowledge of industry and processes and business experience in many SAP projects (SAP) for energy providers and their service companies, partners – energy dealers
  • Finance – Ness Technologies is a market leader among banks and their subsidiaries, insurance companies, leasing companies, pension funds, brokers, and building societies
  • The worst thing that can happen to your business is for 100% of your customers to base their relationship 100% on price
  • Increased value of your client portfolio and faster acquisition of new customers
  • More efficient cooperation with distribution networks
  • Efficient planning, targeting and evaluation of campaigns
  • User-friendly monitoring of key company indicators
  • Simplified reporting


“The advantage is in the direct interface with the regular offi ce applications without the need for any additional log-in, and the quite high degree of user-friendliness.”

Martin P?chou?ek, Distribution and Corporate Client Coordination Manager

PF?S (Erste Group)

“Ness has demonstrated that it is indeed a company with a team of professionals who not only fulfilled our ideas about the operation of CRM in our company but went on to develop those ideas.”

Aleš Poklop, Member of the Board and Sales and Marketing Director

ING Management Service, s.r.o.

  • Centralised view of client data by consolidating data from multiple systems
  • CRM interfacing with the internet banking functionality

Pojiš?ovna ?eské spo?itelny (Vienna Insurance Group)

  • Management of the cooperation with business partners
  • Integration with the document management system and the telephone exchange
  • Reporting

UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s.

  • Funtional and technical analysis
  • Development and deployment
  • Integration into internal and external systems


Callax Telecom Holding GmbH, Vodafone Czech Republic a.s., Warid Telecom International

  • Contact management, sales, marketing, services
  • Phone Agent
  • Interfacing with the telephone exchange
  • Customer data sharing between the existing ERP system and CRM (developed by Ness)
  • Fast and easy import of data from business cards into CRM

Czech Television

  • Unification of the customer data administration and reduction of the cost thereof
  • Reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction through more efficient claim procedures
  • Increased customer satisfaction through faster and more accurate responses to their queries and requirements
  • Improved cost/profit ratio of the service centre
  • Knowledge base administration
  • Interfacing with the telephone exchange
  • Caller identification, direct dialling from CRM functionality, automatic storage of phone call outcomes

CK Fisher, a.s.

  • Increased sales of holidays as a result of customer identification and classification and use of customer knowledge
  • More accurate purchasing of residential and transport capacities through analysing more accurate data
  • Integration with the travel agency’s booking system
  • Higher yield of marketing events

“The FISCHER travel agency conducts sales through its own branches, franchises, and using a network of partners. The customer relationship management system implemented by Ness opens up new opportunities for us in working with the client information both during sales by our branches and in the call centre.”

Petr Švarc, Sales Director

CRM strategy consultation and business management

  • Analysis and optimization of business and marketing processes
  • Setting of the reporting system
  • Analyses of customer trends and demography
  • Import, export, de-duplication of customer data
  • CRM project management and facilitation
  • CRM system implementation + complementary tailored solutions and services
  • Interfacing with other systems – custom solutions for integration with DMS, ERP, BI
  • Connection to external databases
  • BI extension – an ideal solution for middle-sized companies
  • Leading team of certified experts
  • Market leader in CRM for financial institutions
  • The highest number of successful CRM implementations in the Czech Republic
  • Extended functionality beyond standard CRM solutions
  • Cooperation with various technology leaders (Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP CRM, Siebel) in independent software and hardware integrator

Documents for download