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Ness has come up with a new generation of electronic banking solutions developed for small and medium-sized financial institutions.

?????Easy Communication

Internet banking enables convenient and secure management of current, savings and credit accounts. Users are provided with an overview of account transactions and balances. They can enter / change / cancel domestic and international single and standing orders, sign up for a new service, communicate with their banking advisor, customize Internet banking preferences to their needs and perform numerous other operations.

Simple Client Management 

Branch staff determine the services for clients of electronic banking through an admin module.

  • High level of security confirmed by three independent audits (e.g. Erste Bank)
  • Efficient service for both retail and corporate clients
  • Opportunity to integrate online sales of bank products – terms deposits, insurance etc.
  • Easy scalability with respect to the performance required
  • Easy integration with any core banking system

Waldviertler Sparkasse Bank AG

(WSPK) is the first bank at which Ness put in operation its Internet banking solution designed for small and medium-sized financial institutions. The system has two channels – Internet banking and home banking (the so-called „fat client“), which also enables working offline. Almost 10,000 of the bank’s clients use Internet banking. On the part of the customer, the solution is implemented in the form of complete outsourcing.

?SOB – Development of the Core Banking System

After demanding tendering lasting several months, the ?SOB (Czechoslovakian Business Bank) decided to outsource the support and development of the core banking system to Ness Technologies. The bank expected that this strategic project over a very specific key business system will increase quality and flexibility of the services to its clients. Outsourcing of the core system or its part had previously been unique on the Czech banking market.

?SOB has 6,500 employees, 3 million clients, 250 own branches and 3,200 Czech Post (?eská pošta) points of sale. In the Czech retail banking it operates under the basic business brands – ?SOB, Era and Poštovní spo?itelna (Postal Savings).

Support and development services of the Profile system rank Ness among the strategic partners of ?SOB; the entire project within outsourcing included also takeover of part of the bank’s internal IT team. The bank decided to choose outsourcing also because of cost savings and freeing up its own capacities to pursue activities with higher added value. Ness Technologies was selected on the basis of good experience during 10 -year cooperation, know-how in the banking segment, ability to operate and develop business critical applications in the long term and IT outsourcing experience for large clients.

We offer services dedicated to solutions

  • Analysis of existing solution, core system, processes and suggestions for the implementation process
  • Integration with the bank’s core system
  • Data migration
  • Operation through complete outsourcing
  • Follow-up support and development of additional solutions
  • Comprehensive electronic banking services

We offer effective tailored software development, integration of solutions from renowned suppliers or outsourcing of existing solutions including their operation to banks, insurance, investment and leasing companies. Projects in the field of banking systems (Internet banking, core and front-end systems) or business intelligence (data integration, CRM) help our customers to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Documents for download