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We provide technological resources, software and infrastructure facilities for the implementation, integration and development of our clients’ information systems.

???We offer supervision, management and security including a complete operating service for information systems. Our specialized team has experience with extensive and non-standard projects.?

We actively adapt our services to the latest technological  trends and current business needs. This approach is reflected mainly in these fastest-growing areas:

Transformation of ICT Resources in Cloud Services and Their Integration

Services are delivered in various models from public to private cloud, including the possibility of an integration solution in the form of so-called hybrid cloud.

Corporate Mobility 

Mobile applications or mobile client including integration with the existing company infrastructure off mobile device management and subsequent BYOD trend (Bring Your Own Device)

Cyber Security

We provide a comprehensive set of consulting and knowledge that enables our clients to accurately evaluate their current state and compliance with the latest cyber security laws. We can design and implement the necessary methods and technical resources within the provided services.

  • Costs and time savings
  • Focus on core business activities
  • Excellent technical and support staff
  • Transfer of risk
  • Optimization of your business and process activities

Czech Television 

  • Technological infrastructure outsourcing service provision for the CT digital archive 


  • Complex bank infrastructure, exte??nded in 2013 by desktop platform virtualization

Municipal districts of Prague 1 and Prague 4 

  • Delivery of a robust technological infrastructure including service provision of ESW information system, ASW and outsourcing of the implemented architecture

Severo?eská energetická

  • Provision of highly accessible services based on outsourcing of a new infrastructure for SAP application solutions on the VMWare/Windows platform in three geographical localities 

?EZ Distribution 

  • Complex infrastructure implementation for the RIS application solution on a VMWare/Windows/Linux platform in five independent localities

Czech Statistical Office 

  • Implementation of infrastructure and application environment of a citizen registry with subsequent support

We offer comprehensive IT infrastructure life-cycle management including security and 24×7 support. We work with technological leaders to always provide the best solution with regard to the current resources. We provide consulting and advisory services for major ICT development trends and services in the field of Service Desk 24×7 with fully integrated ICT monitoring and SIEM tools including post implementation support of the delivered solutions. Our services portfolio also covers:

  • Infrastructure analysis of the ICT environment
  • Design and optimization of IT system architecture
  • HW and SW technology implementation services
  • Optimization and debugging of IT infrastructure including virtualization solutions
  • Performance analyses of systems and back-end applications
  • Design and implementation of highly accessible application clusters
  • Successful track record of significant projects
  • Experience with international ecommerce campaigns
  • Proven project management approach
  • Transformation of business needs into technology solution