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Outsourcing allows your company’s IT team to concentrate fully on your primary business objectives and leave any information security issues to external experts.

Ness Technologies has extensive outsourcing experience across multiple service levels and customer lifecycles. We provide comprehensive solutions ranging from a feasibility study to a variety of forms (e.g. near-sourcing, offshoring) to experienced risk management of outsourcing operations.

?The cost of outsourcing your security risk can be significantly lower than the actual costs involved in hiring in-house specialists (e.g. choice of solution, tools, testing, debugging, patching, operator training).Outsourcing also eliminates the possibility of a trained specialist leaving the company at an inopportune moment.

  • Regain focus on primary business objectives while saving on costs
  • Access to advanced technology
  • Free up resources to utilize in core business activities
  • Complete independence of external specialists from internal structures and corporate relationships
  • Optimization of business processes

Our Services

  • Cyber security center with dozens of experts
  • Analysis and processing of security incidents and logs
  • Audit of existing processes, applications and infrastructure, including / followed by selection and delivery of new technologies
  • Comprehensive application and infrastructure outsourcing services
  • Security training for employees
  • Management reports and summaries on the state of information security
  • Evaluation of information security benefits to the company
  • Regular administration and management
  • More than 20 years experience with extensive domestic and international SAP projects
  • Combined expertise of 150 specialists in the CEE region and more than 500 worldwide
  • Latest technological solutions in various verticals
  • Local presence – global know-how – offshore development
  • Fast, cost-efficient implementation
  • Custom project management methodology

Ness Technologies has created a custom private cloud solution specifically for SAP with new license models. This service provides an integrated offer/delivery with full-control support over the application environment including internal and cloud applications. Ness Technologies fixed-price solution for SAP presents an opportunity to reduce both operational and capital expenditures. We take complete care of services related to deployment, infrastructure management and ongoing maintenance, support and application management. And the good news for your CFO: the entire service  is paid in monthly fees with no initial investment whatsoever.

  • Retain cash and increase control over your expenditures with a monthly fee model
  • Achieve superior technological and business performance
  • Save on the cost of implementation, continuous adjustments and updates
  • Eliminate investments in backed up HW and SW
  • Reduce IT operations costs