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We create innovative services and applications for the world of mobile communication. We provide solutions that enhance employee productivity  and corporate processes, ensure security of corporate mobile data, and enable mobile device management and user support.

Services that we offer to our customers include:

Mobile Strategy – Mobile strategy brings a conceptual view and approach to mobility. It is a set of materials that affects individual parts of the mobile world. The key aspect is that the mobile strategy is created at the level of the entire company or institution, as is the case with IT or security strategies.

Mobile Device Management – Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a tool for full control over mobile devices with various operational systems in a corporate environment. Users can access e-mail and corporate information systems via mobile devices. Mobile device management acts in these main areas: Security and adjustment of mobile devices; application and document management; managing access to corporate information systems.

Mobile Application Development – We develop custom mobile applications for smartphones and tablets with the major platforms (Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry).?We develop native applications using standard tools of individual mobile platforms as well as hybrid applications.

Enterprise Mobile Security – Employees connect with corporate systems, use email, browse websites and install new applications using their mobile devices. These activities conceal security threats due to the nature of mobile devices. We provide comprehensive services tailored to customer needs.

  • Designed solutions for your corporate processes
  • Mobile solutions supporting corporate mobile platforms
  • Synchronization of mobile data between applications and corporate systems
  • Development and efficient deploy of enterprise mobile security rules
  • Ensured efficient monitoring of mobile applications

Development of Corporate Mobile Solutions – designing a service that ensures data synchronization between mobile devices and corporate systems

Mobile Application Development – development of software for major corporate mobile platforms based on client requirements

Distribution of Mobile Applications – installation and update of applications on users’ mobile devices

Global Enterprise Mobile Security – application of security rules to your company

Custom Application Development – development recommendations based on the needs of required solution

And more:

Solutions for management and security of corporate mobile devices, applications and documents from reputable suppliers such as MobileIron, Airwatch, SAP Afaria, McAfee, Symantec, Kaspersky and others.

  • Successful track record of significant projects
  • Experience with international ecommerce campaigns
  • Proven project management approach
  • Transformation of individual business needs into technology solutions
  • Implementation methodology based on professional experience