OSS/BSS – Operation and Business Service Support

Innovation for Dynamic Business

Ness BSS/OSS solutions help telecommunications operators to cut costs while increasing the speed and efficiency of new products and services delivered.

​​​​​​​​We also provide support for management of other processes (e.g. Service Assurance or Network Planning). It is a fully automated E2E solution for service provision built mostly on ORACLE OSS/BSS applications.

Ness BSS/OSS solutions help telecommunication operators solve their system problems.

  • Operating costs
    • Too many inefficient systems dealing with similar issues
    • Inadequate treatment of process exceptions
    • Performance degradation
    • Missing or difficult and costly solution scalability
  • Low flexibility and too long time to market of a new product 
  • High cost of implementation of a new product
  • Negative customer experience
    • Too long lead time
    • Failure to comply with the term agreed on with customer
    • Missing or insufficient on-line information on order status
    • Missing or insufficient E2E overview of order realization
  • Improved management and efficiency of operating costs
  • Increased flexibility and shorter time-to-market for new products
  • Cost efficiency for implementation of new products
  • Improvement of customer experiences with your products or services
  • Personalized approach to your customers

To be added soon…

  • Process analysis and design
    • Design of new processes based on customer requirements and analysis of its system environment.
    • Analysis, revision and reconstruction of existing processes (business, operational, …)
  • Analysis and design (re-design) of BSS/OSS system architecture
  • Implementation and integration with the customers legacy environment including data migration      
    • Detailed design of functional and application architecture
    • Implementation and customization of the solution
    • Integration into the customer’s heterogeneous environment
    • Testing
    • User and administrator training
    • Post-production support