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Ness BSS/OSS solutions help telecommunications operators to cut costs while increasing the speed and efficiency of new products and services delivered.

????????We also provide support for management of other processes (e.g. Service Assurance or Network Planning). It is a fully automated E2E solution for service provision built mostly on ORACLE OSS/BSS applications.

Ness BSS/OSS solutions help telecommunication operators solve their system problems.

  • Operating costs
    • Too many inefficient systems dealing with similar issues
    • Inadequate treatment of process exceptions
    • Performance degradation
    • Missing or difficult and costly solution scalability
  • Low flexibility and too long time to market of a new product 
  • High cost of implementation of a new product
  • Negative customer experience
    • Too long lead time
    • Failure to comply with the term agreed on with customer
    • Missing or insufficient on-line information on order status
    • Missing or insufficient E2E overview of order realization
  • Improved management and efficiency of operating costs
  • Increased flexibility and shorter time-to-market for new products
  • Cost efficiency for implementation of new products
  • Improvement of customer experiences with your products or services
  • Personalized approach to your customers

To be added soon…

  • Process analysis and design
    • Design of new processes based on customer requirements and analysis of its system environment.
    • Analysis, revision and reconstruction of existing processes (business, operational, …)
  • Analysis and design (re-design) of BSS/OSS system architecture
  • Implementation and integration with the customers legacy environment including data migration      
    • Detailed design of functional and application architecture
    • Implementation and customization of the solution
    • Integration into the customer’s heterogeneous environment
    • Testing
    • User and administrator training
    • Post-production support