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Efficient Communication Channel

The main advantage of the Output Engine is the transformation of various input data into a single output. This allows for targeted marketing information focused on a given customer or segment. This form of communication is more economical than other types of advertising, more natural to the customer and much more efficient when it comes to the frequency of marketing reports.

Centralized Solution

Nearly all companies have to deal with the management of print output. Because these solutions are not operation-critical, however, they often use current printouts from individual internal systems, which are very difficult to further develop. When the number of printed outputs starts exceeding hundreds of thousands of documents per month, output management becomes inefficient and costly.

In such cases, a centralized solution not only justifies the resources invested, but also creates additional benefits in the forms of optimization, greater efficiency and increased usability. The outputs can also be easily enhanced with promotional and marketing messages.

  • Combination of various input data into a single output
  • Easy editing of output design with template design sharing
  • Savings up to 20% on the costs to generate, print and send documents
  • Increases the effectiveness/number of reads of a promotional message
  • Easy modification of print templates for generating docu???ments while shortening the time-to-market


The use of new technologies enables T-Mobile to print the bills for its customers in color, with targeted supplementary information and other content personalised for the client. For the operator, the solution makes it possible to consolidate the production of printed and electronic documents. Using the GMC PrintNET platform enables the operator to create invoices in color which may provide attractive and easily readable messages for the customers. And that was the reason why T-Mobile launched the project. Thanks to its successful implementation, T-Mobile also became the first mobile carrier on the Czech market to send its customers’ bills with enhanced capabilities and in color. “Cooperation with Ness on the implementation of the new invoice printing platform was problem-free. We are happy that we are working with such an excellent partner who perfectly understands the specifics of the telecommunications business,” says Markéta Havrdová, T-Mobile Senior Project Manager.

Ness Technologies independently implements the Output Engine solution, which can be deployed using two technologies – GMC and EMC xPression. Our experience is based on the actual implementation of integration projects along with data cleaning and consolidation. Based on our experience and knowledge, we select the optimal solution for the client, to utilize the potential of current data as much as possible while fully respecting the client’s requirements for the future.

We can also provide the service in SaaS mode. This is essentially a turn-key solution limited to receiving the customer’s data and transforming it into print outputs at the price of a service.

Documents for download