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We provide infrastructure services (hardware and software leasing, full service, network services etc.), application services (application’s complete lifecycle services) and business process services.

?If we consider any typical medium or bigger sized company, it spends 70 % and more of its costs today only to maintain operations and only 30 % or less to support company growth and create added business value.

Our Approach

Ness has extensive experience in the outsourcing area at all service levels and customer’s lifecycle. If companies consider outsourcing we can provide complex services from the feasibility study, through various sourcing forms (near sourcing, off shoring), to extensive experience in managing risks of operating outsourcing.

more than 350 Managed solutions and applications
up to 30% Operating IT costs savings
more than 5000 Number of our clients’ users
6,5 Average length of outsourcing (in years)
31 Companies using our outsourcing services

“The average mid-to-large-size company spends about 70% of costs maintaining operations, leaving only 30% to support growth and new business.”

“Ness Technologies has extensive outsourcing experience across multiple service levels and customer lifecycles. We provide comprehensive solutions ranging from a feasibility study to a variety of forms (e.g. near-sourcing, offshoring) to experienced risk management of outsourcing operations.”


  • Our team offers certified skills and best practices across multiple industries , combining them to create innovative new solutions
  • We continuously adapt new technologies into modern business solutions

Technological independence

  • Not limited to dependence on any single technology or brand
  • History of long-term collaboration with leading global IT suppliers
  • Minimum of two platforms in each area
  • Costs and time savings
  • Focus on core business activities
  • Excellent technical and support staff
  • Transfer of risk
  • Optimization of your business and process activities

Our services

Business process outsourcing (BPO)

  • Financial and accounting services
  • Marketing & customer service (If they are two separate things, “Customer service” should get its own bullet point and be capitalized. If marketing & customer service is one point, only the first word should be capitalized. Same applies to all points below)
  • Mediation services
  • Demand management
  • Digitization
  • Public procurement management

Application Services

  • Software as a service
  • Helpdesk & ServiceDesk
  • Software distribution
  • Complete application lifecycle management
  • Patching
  • Configuration
  • Development processes

Infrastructure Services

  • Network Services
  • Database & middleware services
  • Data center & cloud
  • Security services
  • Desktop services & servers
  • Infrastructure management and development
  • Hosted capacity option
  • More than 250 active customers in CEE
  • Proven process management methodology
  • Expert knowledge leading to smooth  transition processes
  • Over 85 % long-term or repeat customers (eight-year average)
  • Trusted solutions and services for major international company groups