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Partnership for success: Where world-renowned technologies meet excellent IT expertise and knowledge of local business.

We are a global Microsoft partner with extensive experience in implementing their products in various industries, as well as the public sector, in many countries worldwide. Our customers are both government and private organizations with a variety of individual needs.

  • Lower labor costs and improved operations
  • Robust performance for the support of demanding calculations
  • Boosting of your company performance
  • Ready-made data structure for reporting and analyses over ERP
  • Operational excellence and new business scenarios

Cofidis – (credit financing of online purchases)

?Ness implemented a unique solution “ for easy financing of online purchases” for COFIDIS s.r.o. (belongs to the top companies in non-bank loans) and received the Microsoft Awards 2013 Winner for it.      

This has been the first truly online credit approval immediately after submission on the market. The customers are able to buy in installments in e-shops even faster and more comfortably. The ordered goods could be dispatched from the e-shop almost immediately after completing the electronic loan application. Using the free account “iplatba”, the customers can not only track the activities related to the repayment of their loan, but they can also easily finance their future purchases within partner e-shops.       

With the solution, COFIDIS fully automated the online process of financing the purchase of goods. Thanks to Ness solution, the company was able to introduce a new and revolutionary product to the market. The time of loan processing was reduced from the usual seven and more days – with no certainty of actually getting the loan – to zero days, that is to immediate processing. M??oreover, shortening the time needed to handle the requirement allowed increasing the number of approved loans, which resulted in profit not only for the credit company, but for all its partner e-shops.     

Ness experts used the Microsoft Azure technology and designed the solution for even smaller and simpler e-shops.   

Ness delivered and currently manages this solution, the online gateway for electronic submission and approval of loan applications is integrated directly into the partner e-shops.

?CK Fischer – CRM and Better C?ustomer View  

Sales of the Fischer Travel Agency are carried out through branches, franchises and by means of the partner network. The Customer Relationship Management system delivered by Ness Technologies has opened up new possibilities of working with customer information during sales both through the branches and the call center. The travel agency employees gained a tool for fast recognition of the customers, understanding their preferences and offering the most suitable tours. Among others, CK Fischer managed to increase the utilization of business potential of its existing customers.              

Main benefits of the new CRM solution included the increase of personal sales of tours thanks to the immediate identification and classification of the customer, more accurate purchase of accommodation and transport facilities on the basis of higher-quality analysis and more precise results of targeted marketing campaigns. Establishment of a single center for customer and passenger information also contributed to reducing maintenance costs and enabled faster and friendlier handling of complaints.     

?Microsoft Dynamics CRM Information System deals with processes in various areas of the company. The base is in the customer information management. All the available customer data are centralized (contact information, history of purchases and canceled orders including any complaints, but also car rentals and other non-tour services). Available information on passengers is attached to them – contact information and a list of tours that they attended. Any communication with the customers is recorded (e-mails, phone calls, meetings). Information is collected not only for operative use, but also for future analytical processing.      

Call center and branch workers have all the necessary customer information for an immediate classification during personal meetings or phone calls.

Škoda AUTO – Data Boxes and eB??ox 

Ness Technologies experts introduced the Ness DataBox Connector solution for receiving data messages from the Czech Post Databox system in the company Škoda AUTO, a.s. This system ensures automated management and communication with the data box. Data messages are automatically downloaded; Ness DataBox Connector recognizes the necessary attributes in them and on this basis stores them in the appropriate data archive of the Microsoft SharePoint system. Thus, Škoda AUTO gained a credible archive of the data box messages and subsequent electronic document circulation for forwarding data messages to relevant departments.             

Škoda AUTO also needed to solve the problem of secure internal and external bulk data transfer. Ness Technologies therefore designed and developed the eBox application on the Microsoft.Net, SilverLight and Microsoft SQL server platforms. eBox now provides secure bulk data transfer from company to company for tens of thousands of users. Bulk data is transferred as stream and stored in the central database storage. Moreover, it is being monitored, checked for viruses and whether it complies with the defined rules. Škoda AUTO thus not only gained control over the transferred data and extended capabilities of audit solution, but also saves capacities on mail servers and thus reduces IT operating costs.          

The eBox service increased security, streamlined communication across Škoda AUTO and its quality ranked it among the services portfolio provided to other Group companies.

ESSOX – Development of BI Data Services

Ness Technologies created a new data warehouse and developed data services in the field of Business Intelligence for ESSOX.     

The solution using the revolutionary Ness BI Factory tool has enabled fast development of the BI platform and met ESSOX needs in the field of client information. Other advantages included easy integration into the existing environment and smooth familiarization with the new system by the internal team.       

Ness BI Factory allows reducing the costs of data warehouse implementation by 30 to 50 %! Time savings are achieved by eliminating the lengthy concept deliberation and complicated setting of BI tools. Other cost savings take place, because no other ETL/ELT tool licenses are needed and further savings are achieved on development, implementation and testing of the BI solution.             

Within the project, Ness Technologies also others defined the concept and architecture of data warehouse, implemented the data warehouse (Microsoft technologies), introduced systems for consolidation of client information and calculation of the delinquency risk. Ness Technologies provides support of the implemented solution and together with ESSOX further develops the data services.         

Ness Technologies was awarded the Microsoft Awards 2015 for the Best Solution in the category of Data Analytics and BI Projects.?

Other references

  • SharePoint- We create portals and offer services for team collaboration in an accessible and visually attractive style.
  • Business Intelligence– Ness Technologies offers a strong team of certified experts, long-term experience, knowledge of various environments and best practices.
  • Cloud- We can provide comprehensive services from the feasibility study through various cloud types (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) to project risk management. We offer the Windows Azure platform that enables fast creation, deployment, scaling and management of applications within the global network of Microsoft data centers.
  • Office 365- Office 365 is a cloud-based solution for companies and organizations in the public sector, regardless of their size.
  • Application Development and Analysis- Our own development and integration team has experience working in complex, heterogeneous environments. They combine a flexible and agile development methodology with a convenient approach to service provision.
  • Dynamics CRM- We offers a complete implementation – analysis, solution specification, development, testing, project management and follow-up support – along with maintenance and further development.
  • Infrastructure- From data center to desktop solutions based on Microsoft technologies to help companies create more efficient, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure.
  • Process integration (BPEL, BPM, ESB, WLI)
  • Portal Solutions on Weblogic, ALUI
  • ECM and Web Content Management
  • Development tools?
  • Over 21 years of experience with extensive local projects and projects abroad
  • More than 800 worldwide in this field, including 80 specialists in CEE
  • Latest technological solutions in various verticals
  • Local presence – global know-how – offshore development
  • Rapid, cost-efficient implementation
  • Proven project management methodology

Documents for download