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From the beginning, Ness Technologies has been cooperating closely with Oracle. We were one of the first to introduce Oracle products to the CEE Market.

????????We have an extensive team of consultants for Oracle technologies and many successful projects in the field of public administration as well as private companies in various industries. We have been developing our competences since we first introduced Oracle products to the Czech market. We consider our partnership with Oracle to be crucial. We offer a wide range of services and solutions over Oracle applications and technologies, from consulting, solution design, and implementation through training, support and maintenance.

  • Lower labor costs and improved operations
  • Robust performance for the support of demanding calculations
  • Boosting of your company performance
  • Ready-made data structure for reporting and analyses over ERP
  • Operational excellence and new business scenarios

Process and Technology Services for Veolia (formerly Dalkia CZ)

Dalkia was looking for a reliable supplier of process and technology services for its branch in the Czech Republic. Ness won the tendering and since 2003 has been helping Dalkia to the top position thanks to the latest information technologies and procedures. The support consists of gradual upgrading of all original information systems and deliveries of new systems and processes.     

Ness experts worked out the IT strategy for the field of production, maintenance management and created a unique system for monitoring of energy production and follow-up system of energy balances. They introduced information system for management of finance, logistics, purchase, sales, payrolls and HR as well as for dealing with banks. In the field of economy and business in particular, they implemented a new sales system for support of electricity trading, robust analytical CRM system on the Oracle technology and Document management (EMC). The delivery included solution analysis and design, programming, testing, implementation, system integration, SW and HW delivery and follow-up maintenance and operations support.

Ness brought the project management methodology, which the client integrated into the group of its custom business. Comprehensive information system was gradually introduced into the newly acquired subsidiaries.          

The central solution for automatic processing of heat and electricity invoicing within all client’s entities in the Czech Republic was the project highlight. Secure, verifiable and auditable automatic communication with the Operator on the electricity market and ?EPS was counted as yet another benefit. 

?The results of the cooperation convinced the headquarters in France, which increasingly allows for the development of strategy in local conditions and remains in the role of supervisor.

Management Inform??ation System for Lumius?

Ness Technologies consultants implemented the “Comprehensive solution for support of planning and trade in energy commodities according to the effective legislation in the Czech Republic” for Lumius.   

The Czech company Lumius, s.r.o. is the holder of trade licenses for electricity and gas and focuses on deliveries to middle-sized and large clients.

Company’s management required a tool for reliable data monitoring and modeling of possible development of the company with regard to external influences. Firstly, the client wanted to unite and maximally utilize the analysis process of historical data and create a plan for electricity and gas trading. Robust and reliable solution that can be further developed was necessary.

Ness experts developed a comprehensive management information system for the support of electricity and gas planning and trade. It is a central solution (Hyperion ORACLE platform) with unified database accessed by users through web client or ready-to-use reports.  

The new information system brought Lumius up to 95% time savings and 30% increase in labor performance related to the data validity and fundamental limitation of human errors.

?Czech Land Surveying and Cadastral Office – Integrated Land Information System?

The Cadastre of Real Estate contains records of ownership, material and other statutory rights to real estate. It is a source of information for tax and fee purposes of the state administration, for legal acts or valuing or protecting the property ownership. Integrated Land Information System (ILIS) uses digitized maps, is connected online with the central database and cooperates with basic registries, which are the core of eGovernment.  

?Ness Technologies implemented the ILIS project in the Czech Republic, delivered the HW and SW including draft, design, development and operating support of the customer software maintenance. The system provides complete support of the cadastre state administration performance, provision of cadastral data at the counters of cadastral workplaces as well as remote access, taking over data from the state administration systems, administration of code lists, management of trigonometrical points and technical-organizational operational safety.

ILIS is one of the largest projects within the development of information infrastructure of the Czech state administration. The solution primarily uses ORACLE technologies, but also many others. Even though the system is quite complex and extensive, it can respond to tasks within 3–4 seconds, which is a remarkable result…       

The system is designed for 24/7 operation in order to ensure continuous on-line access to data.   

In addition to services for the officials, the system also contains modules for information provision to the public and documentation for land surveyors – thousands of users access it remotely every day. 

The entire system is highly reliable and well protected against fraud attempts.    

For 15 years of successful and smooth operation of the centralized system, Ness Technologies experts have been providing ongoing support and developing its new functions. 

?The project was co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development.

Teva Czech Industries – eBusiness Suite System

Ness Technologies delivered the new corporate system Oracle eBusiness Suite with integrated Business Intelligence to the pharmaceutical company Teva Czech Industries. This company is part of the Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, a multinational company specialized in development, production and marketing of generic and authorized medicinal products and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The new system was focused on finance and logistics and the project included program and project management, system design, development, testing and training and support after commissioning. Ness experts also ensured compliance with legislative requirements, programmed more than 30 reports and integrated 50 interfaces to other systems. The project was exceptional in its scope and nature as well as complex project hierarchy and communication within the TEVA holding.

?The technology of the new system not only simplified and optimized processes between the production plant in Opava and commercial units in Prague and Bratislava, but connected both of these European republics with the Israeli headquarters of the parent corporation as well.   

The project enabled the pharmaceutical company Teva Czech Industries, which exports 80 % of its production, to triple the export to the American and West-European markets.

Raiffeisenbank – EMIR Reporting Solution 

Ness Technologies acted as the main provider of consulting and implementation services for the EMIR regulatory reporting program. Ness experts created a database in its framework for reporting OTC derivatives in compliance with the requirements of the European Securities and Markets Authority, which is part of the European surveillance system over the finance market. This base was then extended by other additional data in the second project phase (UTI, Treasury Master Agreement data etc.).       

Raiffeisenbank, a.s. selected Ness for the EMIR regulatory reporting on the basis of previous experience in successful projects in the field of Business Intelligence. ?

Within the EMIR project, based on the ORACLE technology, Ness carried out the concept analysis, model development, implementation, testing and data migration for the creation of EMIR data mart over data warehouses and provided the follow-up operational support.

St?edo?eská energet??ická (CEZ) – Corporate and Customer Systems 

?When the company St?edo?eská energetická was one of the eight distributors in the Czech Republic (now part of the CEZ Group), it needed to modernize its information systems radically. Ness Technologies experts implemented the ERP system including integration with other systems and introduced a customer system (Banner CIS) for more than 650 thousand customers of this energy distribution company.  

The project included the initial study, analysis, installation and system settings, design of process changes and their adjustment, testing, training, data migration and operational support. 

Both systems are based on ORACLE technologies and functionally designed for unlimited number of users. The project aim was to meet the reporting requirements of state institutions, provide on-line data processing and improve the process of service provision to customers.

Vítkovice Group – Comprehensive ICT Outs???ourcing 

?Ness Technologies provides comprehensive outsourcing services in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), including application operation, system integration, HelpDesk, operator service, master data management, user support and further information system development for the company VÍTKOVICE, a.s. and companies OSINEK, VÍTKOVICE – STEEL and Revmont.    

The client was successful in reducing the ICT operating costs by 25 % and focusing more efficiently on the company’s core business in particular. All of this owing to the outsourcing of services and transfer of IT employees to Ness Technologies. The transfer had no negative impact on the level or scope of provided services. Cooperation with a company, which has long-term experience, significant share on the Czech market and sufficient background brought a higher level and quality of ICT services. Operating the applications (economic systems ORACLE e-Business Suite, production management, HR, management information…) is guaranteed by high availability.          

Processing Information strategy for the VÍTKOVICE Group companies was an important step at the beginning of the cooperation. Within this outsourcing project, we provided the Vítkovice holding with comprehensive services of information system operation for 11 legal persons, including their technological infrastructures, and we operate a management information system which includes 45 legal entities.

Application Solutions

  • Financial Management
  • Industry Applications
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Project Management

Product Lines

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Hyperion Performance Management
  • Agile Product Lifecycle Management
  • Siebel

We also offer basic Oracle technologies

  • Oracle Database and Data Security
  • Real Application Cluster Solutions
  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse (BI & DWH)
  • Oracle and Weblogic Application Servers
  • Process integration (BPEL, BPM, ESB, WLI)
  • Portal Solutions on Weblogic, ALUI
  • ECM and Web Content Management
  • Development Tools?
  • Oracle Partner for more than 22 years
  • Awarded for best sales results for fiscal year 2012 in application solutions
  • Top 5 Oracle Partner Club 2011 – technological solutions
  • More than 150 specialists including professional consultants, Oracle developers and Java development specialists
  • More than 35 successful Oracle implementations for customers in different verticals
  • Local presence – global know-how – offshore development
  • Fast, cost-efficient implementation
  • Sophisticated project management methodology

Documents for download