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Ness Technologies offers a complex portfolio of SAP services: from background documents through data migration, training, consultations, onsite and offshore development to final testing. Our long-term experiences and certificated professionals are guaranteed to provide your company with successful and effective deployment.

  • Lower labor costs and improved operations
  • Robust performance for the support of demanding calculations
  • Boosting of your company performance
  • Ready-made data structure for reporting and analyses over ERP
  • Operational excellence and new business scenarios

The Prague 1 Municipal District – Comprehensive Information System

Ness Technologies supplied the design, delivery, operations maintenance and development of the information system for accounting, reporting, budgeting, investments, controlling and other financial activities of the authority including HR (ESW). The second part of the delivery covered the information system (ASW) for the support of all agendas of the public administration office (document management, recording of agendas, registry, legal disputes, violations, traffic…) including new intranet portal, provision of network infrastructure, creation of central HelpDesk or information systems’ security solution.             

Considerable part of Prague 1 is registered as part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage and most of the historical sites are located in its center including the Prague Castle and the seat of Parliament and Government of the Czech Republic.      

Ness experts were responsible for the management of the entire project and co-ordination of subcontractors.    

Introducing new information systems contributed to more efficient management of all processes and better service provision to citizens while bringing savings in IT services’ operation.

Prague Airport – Document Processing and Archiving

?Ness Technologies experts developed and implemented a solution for document processing and archiving for the company Prague Airport, a.s. (contracts, invoices, administrative decisions, safety data sheets and other internal documents…) in the volume of about 50,000 documents per year. The solution on the Documentum platform also included integration with the core SAP system, data boxes and automated workflow for the creation and management of internal documents.  

The scanning workplace allows data mining according to the document type, the document flow is controlled by editable workflow and integration with the SharePoint system enables easy publication of selected documents on intranet.  

Ness experts followed up the successful project completion with further long-term IT support of the delivered solution.

Stredoslovenská energetika, a.s.(SSE, a.s.)

The SAP ECC 6 system with IS-U and SAP CRM 2007 together with the integration platform SAP PI and the Business Intelligence solution SAP BI have been implemented in SSE since 2009. The systems were implemented separately for the distribution and supply group, with physically separated servers in a 2x IS-U, 2x CRM configuration. The new systems allow SSE to serve 800,000 households and nearly 100,000 business customers faster and more comfortably. 

Within the CRM and IS-U systems implementation in SSE, a.s. we have designed and implemented a partial automation of distribution processes of the SAP Workflow technologies. Together we managed to significantly reduce the effort into customer service, particularly by automating checks and creation of files. After performing the checks, users are presented with simplified decision-making tasks and they do not need to put effort into manual creation of files such as contract or business partner. The entire service on the distribution part of customer services for all the nearly 900,000 customers is managed by 15 employees.

?EPS – Comprehensive Information System 

Ness Technologies experts delivered a comprehensive information system based on the SAP technology to ?EPS, a.s., the provider of Czech transmission system. The process-oriented implementation included, apart from standard SAP modules, a new solution for the support of planning and preventive maintenance management.  

The delivered system is a model example of using a single technology for as many corporate control processes as possible: strategic corporate governance including knowledge management, enterprise portal, data warehouse and road transport, financial management including asset and inventory management, cost management of project-oriented activities, human resource management… In addition to standard SAP modules, Ness enriched the implementation with custom new solution for planning and preventive maintenance management of the transmission system, which reduces the probability of failures.          

Ness has been operating on the Czech utility market for 20 years and belongs to the leading suppliers in this segment. This project drew on many years of experience with ERP system implementation in utility companies such as CEZ, Pražská Energetika, RWE or Transgaz.

Severní energetická – Comprehens??ive ICT Outsourcing 

Ness Technologies developed IT systems for the companies Severní energetická a.s. (SEVEN) and Elektrárna Chvaletice a.s. (Chvaletice power station) from scratch and since the beginning of 2014 has been also outsourcing them.   

Both companies united by acquisition needed to develop their new IT infrastructure from scratch, as they partly used systems of their parent groups before. After winning the brief but intensive tendering, Ness Technologies experts designed the comprehensive IT solution in a record time of five months, developed and subsequently took over the operation and management of corporate systems and IT infrastructure.         

Meeting the deadline was ultimate as it was subject to control and very strict sanctions from the European Union. 

The project covered the development of new HW infrastructure for both companies, implementation of all corporate systems (ERP SAP, MS Exchange, SharePoint,…) with follow-up functionalities, transfer of approximately 500 end users and their workstations into the new environment, and also Management Consulting services?. The implementation of corporate systems was just the first stage followed by provision of all IT services – comprehensive outsourcing.       

?The outsourcing model allowed the power plants to fully concentrate on their business on the energy market. Significant reduction of ICT operation costs was also possible thanks to synergy.

?Information Systems for ?eské dráhy ??(Czech Railways) 

?Ness Technologies implemented technological parts of the solution in the utility area for ?eské dráhy, a.s. – Správa železni?ní energetiky (Railway Energy Management). The solution was extraordinary, particularly in the processing of energy purchase and integration/transmission of data between financial and customer information system. The client is a special distribution company with internal billing and invoicing of electricity and other media throughout the whole ?D organization, which implies the necessity of unique integration to existing information systems.          

This project was the first to implement the IS-U/CCS component in the Czech Republic.  

Full integration of the technological part of SAP IS-U to the financial information system, which covered accounting, corporate finance management, controlling and managerial accounting and planning was also included in this project.

In both cases, the project covered consulting and implementation services including analysis, development, testing, training and support for productive operation.

Other references

  • Complex projects – from the concept to start-up by using SAP methodology, or with modifications such as preparation of master data and migration, consolidation etc.
  • SAP Outsourcing – provision of comprehensive services from the feasibility study through various sourcing types (near sourcing, off-shoring) to risk management of outsourcing in operation
  • Integration – integration support between SAP and non-SAP systems to achieve process harmonization between branches
  • Rollouts – implementation of a centralized SAP system within the branch network on the basis of predefined templates
  • Upgrades – technical or functional upgrades of SAP R/3 systems or older versions
  • Continuous Support of SAP systems – dedicated team providing maintenance and application support of SAP systems
  • Business Intelligence (BI) – evaluation of BI needs and implementation of BI solutions
  • Mobile Solutions – experience in managing mobile services and making information systems accessible on mobile devices
  • Unbundling – separation of distribution and trade systems for utility companies according to EU requirements?
  • More than 21 years of experience in extensive domestic and international SAP projects
  • More than 500 specialists worldwide, including 150 in CEE
  • Latest technological solutions in various verticals
  • Local presence – global know-how – offshore development
  • Fast, cost-effective implementation
  • Proven project management methodology

Take advantage of the innovative solution SAP S/4HANA

  • Robust performance for the support of demanding calculations (costing, production plan etc.) is made possible through the change of the database architecture using in-memory computing technology
  • Simplified data structure
    • Lower costs on system modifications
    • ?Acceleration and flexibility of reporting and analytical tools
  • Ready-made data structure for reporting and analyses over ERP
  • Opportunity to integrate ERP and the SAP BW data warehouse into a single database
  • Complete modern user interface using SAP Fiori, Smart Business Cockpits
  • New business scenarios ?