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Ness: Top supplier for ŠKODA AUTO

Our cooperation with Škoda has been rich as we ran about 15+ referral projects, among the most interesting are the information web portal & identity management or the important B2x portal systems as a general framework for a multiple-tier network of web and other services that create a common end-user portal experience. This system ensures worldwide content availability and distribution across all targeted channels and provides multiple touchpoints for external as well as internal consumers.

ŠKODA AUTO: More than 120 Years in motion

With a history dated from 1895, the ŠKODA AUTO brand has been widely recognized for quality, customer value and inventiveness of smart, and sometimes even amazingly smart, innovations and desired user experience.
Every year and with every new model Škoda excites not only millions of both young and experienced drivers in Europe and China but also skilled professionals, and thus becomes the No. 1 wanted employer. Working for Škoda provides professionals with unique experience and possibility to participate in the most compelling projects.

Automotive: Driver of Czech Economy

The automotive segment is not only a very important part of the Czech economy while directly employing 150 000+ workers generating approximately 9 % of the Czech GDP, and indirectly comprehending 25 % of industrial production, more than 20 % of the Czech export and 400 000 employees in total.*
The annual production with up to 1,5 million of vehicles grew by 5,1 % in 2017. Among the largest producers belong mainly Škoda Auto, Hyundai Motor Machinery Czech in Nošovice and TPCA Czech.

*Source: Automotive Industry Association

No. 1
in buses production per capita globally

No. 2
in passenger car production per capita globally

No. 5
in EU in vehicle production

No. 15
globally in vehicle production