Core Banking Systems (CBS)

Innovation for Dynamic Business

CBSs require a high level of complexity and specificity.  Banks often spend years developing the systems themselves and how they connect to other IT systems. It is not uncommon for a bank to operate hundreds of interconnected systems, meaning the replacement of the core system can affect dozens of others.

Through multiple projects across Central Europe over the last fifteen years, Ness Technologies has gained unmatched experience in replacing older core banking systems with modern solutions. This has resulted in our significant presence in the top five banks in the Czech Republic. We have built a competency centre on this experience – our experts work with Flexcube, Equation, Symbols and Profile systems and a number of other targeted solutions. These experts have in-depth knowledge of CBS GAP analysis and data migration. Ness Technologies experts have developed procedures for the delivery of a core banking system, from strategy and project preparation, through analysis and implementation, as well as ensuring its ongoing operation. We have excellent relationships with the leading providers of customer-oriented products (e.g. SunTec, Xelerate). Ness Technologies is also the first provider of outsourcing services in the field of core banking systems.

Alternative Solutions for Core Banking System Flexibility.

Ness Technologies also provides alternative Core Banking System flexibility solutions in cooperation with SunTec. These solutions are based on the centralization of product management, charge features, client offers and contracts. They allow banks to serve clients in a coordinated manner across business channels, to deliver an individual product offering (and product packages) and significantly decrease the time needed to implement changes.

  • 360° View of the ​Client
    • Personalized product offerings
    • The ability to Service multiple channels
    • Flexible Pricing based on overall relationships and bundled fee options
  • Operational Excellence
    • Shorter time to market
    • Centralized and automated processes
    • Reduced error rates and maintenance efforts
  • Revenue Optimization and Revenue Leakage Plugging
    • Increased cross-selling and up-selling
    • Improved customer care
    • Innovative product offerings
    • Limited revenue leakage
  • Loyalty Management
  • New Comprehensive Products including 3rd-Party Services
  • CEE-wide significant competence in CBS systems
  • Flexcube (currently the preferred core banking product)
    • Equation (used by three of the top 10 Hungarian commercial banks)
    • Symbols
    • Profile
  • Specialized knowledge in CBS GAP analysis
  • Continuous knowledge sharing
  • Fifteen years of experience
  • Significant presence in multiple international banks