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Electronic government (e-Government) is the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to various government functions and procedures with the purpose of increasing global efficiency, transparency and citizen participation. A significant increase in the use of ICTs over the past few years has had a great impact on different aspects of society and economic activities by making everyday procedures easier and more efficient.

A local government websites may allow for basic access to information for its citizens, while a complex application may include allowing citizens and third parties to complete payments and applications online. Some local governments take an incremental approach in which they adopt, over time, increasing levels of technology and tools to improve operations and better serve citizens. There are many elements and levels of of eGov services across globe. Ness operates and transforms public institutions from ground-up, offers complex solutions with robust expert base.

The Portals help companies to achieve their business goals through innovative ways of managing internet business while becoming a recognized means of connecting information, people and systems.

????Ness Technologies provides a wide range of services for corporate portals… 

  • Developing user interfaces of products and web portals
  • Advanced development of AJAX
  • Online catalogs
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) launching and management at all major platforms such asDocumentum, Microsoft SharePoint, Liferay, ColdFusion, Flex, Flash, LAMP and others
  • Web analysis and reporting

Portal Strategy     

Development of your portal will start with a strategic and technical planning ensuring maximal return on your investment into corporate portal and reducing risks associated with its implementation. In this phase we will help you to understand and plan:

  • Selection and integration of a technology
  • Management of organizational and personal changes
  • Smooth switch to a new generation of portals

Portals focused on information

Content, information and knowledge are the main tools of portals’ information strategy. Ness will help you to collect, archive, categorize and manage these tools. Thus the productivity, communication and collaboration between teams will be improved.

Portal focused on processes or integration

We design and implement a portal infrastructure focused on the process engine (a key to these types of portals) and we ensure that the other portal features and technologies will be launched as single environment supporting your workflow requirements.   

In order to provide relevant and targeted information to the right people at the right time we introduce the following components into each portal focused on information, processes or integration: 

  • Business information management infrastructure including taxonomy/information classification, metadata, archives and security management
  • Centralized system for document/content management that allows search across all corporate data storages
  • Integration of existing and new technology layers with your organization
  • Deployment of the information portal technological platform
  • Support launching of the portal for all user groups across your organization


Škoda Auto Information Portal

?The main information IT por??tal for all employees and external workers of the company constitutes one of the vital Škoda Auto infrastructure systems. It informs more than 20,000 users about their current settings in??? corporate systems, about contact information, organizational classification and structure, access to applications… All of them are also entitled to enter a variety of internal requirements through electronic forms.      .

The portal also provides information for the managers of organizational units.

Ness Technologies experts built the solution on Microsoft.Net, LDAP and SAP technological platforms.

Publishing Subsystem Porta??l for the Ministry of Regional Development CZ ?

The objective of this solution/Internet portal is a better overview of public procurement for the contractor and easier awarding for the contracting authority.   

The publishing subsystem provides information on public procurement to potential contractors and enables the public control which enhances the transparency of the procurement. The portal, run by Ness Technologies in compliance with the Public Procurement Act, has up to 10,000 unique accesses daily and the average number of users logged in at the same moment varies from 100 to 200. 

Ness Technologies was awarded a prestigious prize for this solution as the winner of Microsoft Awards 2014 in the category Solution Using Windows Azure Services.  

In the Czech Republic, this was the first project using the Microsoft Azure environment in the public administration. It innovatively employed the cloud solution for the state-monitored system, availability of which must be guaranteed. The solution developed by Ness can work just as quickly regardless of the current load or number of users.        

Because the publication must take place within the structures given by the EU regulations, which not all entrepreneurs are familiar with, Ness experts offered the users some useful services and functions – for example searching the tenders by individually set filters or sending notifications about new relevant tenders directly to email.  

The Ministry as the state guarantor performs methodical management of the public procurement process and participates in the preparation of related legislation.

Buy Diazepam Online Uk

“Tenure matters” – There are many reasons to use integrated solutions for organizing both land registry/cadastre and ownership or statutory rights data. Ness Technologies has been an integral part of the modern era for Czech land registry/cadastre offices.

Order Valium Online Europe

Buy Valium Prescription Free

eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the health industry. Examples include treating patients, conducting research, educating the health workforce, tracking diseases and monitoring public health.

Buy Zolpidem In South Africa

In the field of basic registries we offer the knowledge and experience gained from projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia within real estate cadastres and statistics.

  • ??????????????????????analysis, design, implementation and long-term development of complex information systems for the departments of real estate cadastres, including DMS systems
  • information systems containing data layers or superstructures over the data of real estate cada?stre (both public and commercial sector)

?In the long term, we meet the needs of institutions that provide and coordinate the field of statistics at the national, European or global level (EUROSTAT, ECB, WHO etc.) and organizations with regulatory and supervisory function.    

  • design and implementation of system architecture of statistical information systems or their parts
  • solving statistical problems of specific substantive areas
  • consulting in the field of methodical implementation of reporting for statistical and regulatory purposes
  • ?metadata system solutions for reporting not only in the field of statistical office