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eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the health industry. Examples include treating patients, conducting research, educating the health workforce, tracking diseases and monitoring public health. The World Health Organization (WHO) and The National Healthcare Information System (NHIS) exemplifies / is a perfect example of eHealth solutions implemented by Ness Technologies. NHIS uses a cloud concept for central applications and patients’ medical data. It provides both patients and doctors access to medical data. Patients can also authorize specialists to access their medical data via NHIS.

NHIS core applications– correspond to the main priorities of a typical national healthcare digitalization project.

  • ePrescription, eDispensation and eMedication
  • eAllocation – patient management
  • Health eBook – personal medical records
  • National Health Portal

NHIS ensures interoperability and 24/7 access to patient medical history and medication (Health eBook)  for each integrated healthcare provider in accordance with the access rights of individual physicians.

Why eHealth?

Benefits for all health care system participants

Patient and citizen

Better care and increased engagement in personal health thanks to access and control over complete information about health and personal health records, including medications, treatment examinations and lab result history.


Lower administrative burden, elimination of manual copying of prescriptions, higher security of dispensation, less space for mistakes or fraudulent behavior.

Healthcare professionals

Better treatment, efficient prescriptions, treatment and appointment planning. More patients treated with higher quality thanks to the availability of complete relevant information on medical history.

Insurance company

Significant payment savings, complete and up-to-date data. Prevention and improved detection of fraudulent behavior.


Improved public health. Greater prosperity for all thanks to higher efficiency of health care system. Elimination of losses in the system leaves more resources for actual healthcare investment.

Research and education

Better research thanks to continous gathering and analysis of complete and structured data.

Visitors and foreigners

Easier comprehension of national healthcare system, useful information in major languages, guidance for medical emergency situations.

  • Certified integration of current medical information systems; no need to change existing software
  • Established ecosystem of access applications with development potential
  • Secure cloud architecture is up-to-date and resistant to malicious attacks
  • Protected data infrastructure secure, chip-based access for medical personal and patients
  • Separate databases for personal and clinical data, thoroughly cross-referenced
  • Application of personalized medicine into the clinical practice

Ness eHealth services

  • System and process analysis of healthcare systems
  • Strategy consulting and legislation support at a national level
  • Architecture and delivery of healthcare information systems integration and interoperability solutions
  • Integrated healthcare services development
  • Support and development of current and new eHealth systems
  • Technology and platform independent vendor able to adapt to a broad range of technological concepts
  • Reporting and data analytics tools customized to your preferences
  • Management information systems
  • Platforms for simulation and prediction of public health progress
  • Team of experienced professionals / qualified experts
  • Creating values for governments, patients and insurance companies
  • CEE Innovation leader in eHealth specializing in personalized medicine and big data analytics
  • Experience with implementation on a national level