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There are many reasons to use integrated solutions for organizing both land registry/cadastre and ownership or statutory rights data. Ness Technologies has been an integral part of the modern era for Czech land registry/cadastre offices. Over fifteen years of analyzing, developing, implementing and supporting its core application gave our experts key insights into the various requirements of different users, including:

  • Government– needs consistent and complete mapping data, along with any legal issues involving a physical person, company, local authority, etc. These data structures serve as a base on which governments can plan and develop land utilization. ILIS data is widely used within eGovernment systems and data exports are frequently required by the Ministries of Land, Finance and Interior.
  • Citizens and legal entities– require secure, accurate service from their government institutions, including fast and responsive systems to access publicly available information using modern technology.
  • Land-related specialists– geodesists, real estate agencies, planning departments, and others in the industry need consistent, precise data, starting with single parcel or building and ending with entire administration areas.
  • Cadastre/Land registry office users– there are thousands of end users accessing the system every day. They need a fast, intuitive interface to ensure efficiency, but with regulatory safeguards built into the system.


Our experts began analyzing and implementing a new core application to be used by land registry/cadastre offices in 2001. At the time, a slow network connection required the use of a distributed solution. As network technologies advanced, the whole system was “centralized“ to a single database and clusters of application servers were deployed. New features were added over the years, such as XML reporting, a web interface and web services for external customers, connections to data management solutions (DMS) and eGovernment registries, and finally watchdog services to notify owners about changes relevant to their properties.​​


The ILIS solution (also called a Single Cadastre System) covers five main areas of key functionality that are mutually integrated:

  1. Real Estate Object Registration– collection of records describing attributes of land (real estate), e.g. geometric data – coordinates, land use, area, addresses, zoning;
  2. Map Data– mapping information for the aforementioned real estate objects;
  3. Real Estate Ownership & Land Registration Rights – this also covers all administrative proceedings related to real estate ownership based on defined government rules;
  4. Dissemination – sharing of ILIS information in both analogue and digital forms;
  5. Integration– complex integration with government registers that, as a part of eGovernment and Smart Administration principles, represent the central source for information systems of public authorities.


ILIS - Integrated Land Information System Ness Technologies IT Provider


Our solution seamlessly integrates all parts – any changes to sections 1-3 are reflected across other sections simultaneously: e.g. no change in mapping may be carried out without appropriate changes in database records. In other words, every modification in ILIS must be consistent with rules of not only the information system, but related government registers as well.


Our past and present experience has created a stable foundation for all future needs. Using these basic principles and learning from previous mistakes, we will continue to create increased functionality for our customers.

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Czech Land Surveying and Cadastral Office – RÚIAN

Ness Technologies implemented the public contract “Registry of Territorial Identification, Addresses and Real Estate” after winning the public tendering. The project comprised​ of a comprehensive information system RUIAN –analysis, design and implementation, integration with internal and external information systems, security solutions, testing, development of customer software, delivery of hardware and licenses from multiple suppliers…       

The system is used by thousands of registered users from cadastral offices, municipalities and building authorities. The RUIAN register is an integral part of the System of Basic Registries Czech Republic and provides on-line information on territorial elements, addresses and real estate dealing with hundreds of thousands queries every day. Up-to-date RUIAN data are mediated to the public through application for public remote access.

Ness has been providing services of operational support and further system development after a successful completion of the project (co-financed by the EU). ​