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Ness Pricing with central pricing logic will boost your revenue, radically shorten your time to market, save costs and simplify your IT infrastructure. This approach helps to increase cross-selling aand improve customer experience and loyalty. Centralized pricing offers multiple benefits that were previously only available through the lengthy and costly process of core banking system transformation.

Revenue leakage, aging customer bases, declines in customer loyalty, extended time to market, complex legacy IT systems,  fintech disruption, znd commoditization are just a  few of the current challenges facing the financial services industry.

Typical solution often involves long and costly transformation of core banking system.

Ness Pricing offers a light transformation solution without significant changes to your current core banking system, Ness Pricing, based on the SunTec XelerateTM Universal Banking technology, will eliminate revenue leaks, improve customer loyalty and increase your share of wallet. 

  • Easy product bundling, central product catalogue and pricing logic
  • Radical shortening of time to market (from months to weeks)
  • Simplification of business processes and IT architecture
  • Coordinated offers and relationship management across all channels
  • Integrated sales process support for efficient cross-sell and up-sell
  • Intuitive reporting for better customer and product value management

?What is SunTec Xelerate

XelerateTM Universal Banking is the flagship product of SunTec and the leading product on the world’s pricing solutions market. Xelerate is a middleware between distribution channels and core transaction systems. 


?Its purpose is to enable quick product parametrization and coordinated pricing and bundling through separtion of central pricing logic from core banking silos as well as distribution front ends. Ness Pricing? enables banks to fully benefit from increased speed, efficiency and profitability both in daily operation and in the rollout of new products. 

  • First ever integrated solution to banking systems in CEE
  • Unmatched expertise of XX specialists in CEE
  • Local presence – global know-how – offshore development
  • Rapid and cost-efficient implementation
  • Proven project management methodology